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InfoPrint 6700 Models R40, R60, and R80 enhanced with new emulations, wireless security, and Intelligent Mail barcode.

InfoPrint 2190, 2210, and 2235 cutsheet printers enhanced with InfoPrint 2492 Perfect Binder feature. 

InfoPrint 2190, 2210, and 2235 enhancements include ring binder and IPDS support for the saddlestitch bookletmaker. 

Supplies for Network Printer 12, Network Printer 17, and Network Printer 22 are being withdrawn 

Effective December 31, 2008 (while supplies last), InfoPrint Solutions Company, a Ricoh-IBM joint venture, will withdraw from marketing these supplies

Mach            Part
Type   Models   number    Description
----   ------   -------   ------------------------------------
4312    All     63H3005   Network Printer 12 Toner Cartridge
4312    All     63H3110   Network Printer 12 Usage Kit (LV)
4312    All     63H3111   Network Printer 12 Usage Kit (HV)
4312    All     63H3117   Network Printer 12 Usage Kit (JLV)
4317    All     63H2401   Network Printer 17 Toner Cartridge
4317    All     63H2324   Network Printer 17 Usage Kit (LV)
4317    All     63H2325   Network Printer 17 Usage Kit (HV)
4324    All     75P5903   Network Printer 24 Toner Cartridge
4324    All     63H5718   Network Printer 24 Usage Kit (LV)
4324    All     63H5719   Network Printer 24 Usage Kit (HV)
4324    All     63H5720   Network Printer 24 Staple Cartridge

InfoPrint Solutions Rolls Out Largest Ever Workgroup Printer Line

Additions round out InfoPrint's robust portfolio, with a focus on optimization, productivity and sustainability

Lexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) today introduced two new series of color laser printers and color laser multifunction products (MFPs), offering businesses ranging from small offices to large enterprises compact color performance that will save them time and money.

Both the new Lexmark C540 Series of color laser printers and new Lexmark X540 Series of color laser MFPs are designed to be easy on the environment.
The New InfoPrint ProC900 is a flexible, high production and high-speed color printer (90ppm), with a variety of finishing and software options for complex project management.
With Printelligence you could decrease your print volume 22% in the next 60 days.

Printelligence is a subscription based PKMS (Print Knowledge Management System) that adapts itself to an organization's printing behavior. As print volumes rise and per-user page counts remain remarkably high, corporate managers show ever more interest in print's financial and environmental impact. PrintelligenceTM complements this newfound interest by enabling green initiatives, cost control and cost recovery at the end-user's desktop.

PREO's comprehensive approach to controlling printing costs can help you:
-Gather Data on what are you spending on each device and user
-Empower and educate users to better understand alternatives
-Alter print behavior at the end-user level
-Educate your organization on how to better manage print behavior
-Improve ROI by measuring the change in behavior (savings) for both the organizational and the end-user

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