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With Printelligence you could decrease your print volume 22% in the next 60 days.

Printelligence is a subscription based PKMS (Print Knowledge Management System) that adapts itself to an organization's printing behavior. As print volumes rise and per-user page counts remain remarkably high, corporate managers show ever more interest in print's financial and environmental impact. PrintelligenceTM complements this newfound interest by enabling green initiatives, cost control and cost recovery at the end-user's desktop.

PREO's comprehensive approach to controlling printing costs can help you:
-Gather Data on what are you spending on each device and user
-Empower and educate users to better understand alternatives
-Alter print behavior at the end-user level
-Educate your organization on how to better manage print behavior
-Improve ROI by measuring the change in behavior (savings) for both the organizational and the end-user

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Argecy is proud to be an Infoprint Cutsheet Specialist, of which there are less than 60 firms in the USA
I-O Corporation (I-O) is setting a new industry standard by offering a five year warranty on its Pro|Edge Thin Client computing systems the best warranty available for any thin client product.
InfoPrint Solutions Company extends its continuous-forms laser printer portfolio with new entry-level models InfoPrint 100 and InfoPrint 75
IBM announces an addition to the 4247 line of industrial dot matrix forms printers: 4247-X03. 800cps.

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