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Oki C532 Parts


1 46142101 Cover Side (L)

2 Cover Assembly Side (L Sub) Printer NIP

3 46142201 Cover Side (R) Printer NIP

4 Cover Side (R Sub) Printer NIP

5 Cover WLAN Printer NIP

6 Cover IF Printer NIP

7 Cover Side IC (St) Printer NIP

8 44454102 Case Cassette Assembly 760 Printer NIP

9 a Frame Assembly OP 7-Inch SFP Printer NIP

9 b Cover OP Assembly Printer NIP

10 Cover Assembly Rear Printer NIP

11 Cover Card Printer NIP

12 Cover OP (Sub) Printer NIP

13 Frame OP panel Base Printer NIP

14 46104402 LED Head Unit 61TRD2 4 200dpi Printer NIP

15 Plate Shield (CU) Printer NIP

16 46113401 PXFX760 Maintenance Board 76M Board PU/CU C532dn ODNA Printer NIP

17 46496101 PWR unit ACDC Switch PWR unit 100V 120V Printer NIP

17 45651001 PWR unit ACDC Switch PWR unit 230V Printer NIP

18 46197801 CONN Cord JST14P JST14P PWR unit PU/CU Printer NIP

19 CONN Cord USB AMP5P Host USB PU/CU Printer NIP

20 CONN Cord USB JST5P IC Card PU/CU Printer NIP

21 Plate Lockout Printer NIP 23 45249502 Plate Logo Printer NIP

24 b 46306301 Plate Name_C532
C532 Printer NIP 25 Label Maintenance (A) Printer NIP

26 Label Maintenance (D) Printer NIP

27 Label Energy Star
Printer Unit

1 46199201 Side R Assembly Printer Unit

2 46199301 Side L Assembly Printer Unit

3 44452502 Base Assembly Printer Unit

4 44452702 Front Assembly Hop/Reg Printer Unit

5 44452602 Sensor Assembly Regist Printer Unit

6 44454002 FG Assembly Fuser Printer Unit

7 46199701 Eject Assembly Printer Unit

8 46203701 Frame Assembly MPT Printer Unit

9 46199401 Cover Top Assembly Printer Unit

10 46199101 Switch Assembly InterLock Printer Unit

11 55631302 (6520028M0002 GP1A173LCS3F MPT PE SNS.Printer Unit

12 46130701 Plate Front Printer Unit

13 44453802 Shaft Liftup Assembly Printer Unit

14 44352501 Motor FAN (60x25) Front Fan/Rear FAN Printer Unit

15 46499801 OR Motor Pulse HOP HOP Motor Same Plate R Assembly No.1. Printer Unit

16 46207301 Motor DC (ID) ID Motor Printer Unit

17 44353601 Motor Fan (Blower) Printer Unit

 18 46294401 OR Board 76C (High Voltage) Printer Unit

19 Plate Board (A) Printer Unit

20 Plate Rear Printer Unit

Side R Assembly 1 46499801 OR Motor Pulse HOP Belt Motor Same Printer Unit No.15.Side R Assembly

2 44349601 Motor DC (F) Fuser Motor Side R Assembly

3 44369901 Gear Assembly CL35Z25 UP/Down Clutch Side R Assembly

4 9715B 12Z02 G4C Side R Assembly


OptionTray PU/CU Side R Assembly

6 Rubber Foot Same Plate L Assembly No.4 Side R Assembly

7 46095901 OR Board 76T Toner Sensor
Side L Assembly 1 46096301 OR Board 76E 76E Board Side L Assembly

2 46303902 FFC P1.0_A_L500_N20 76E PU/CU Side L Assembly

3 44429801 CONN Cord AMP3P AMP3P Cass.SNS 76E Side L Assembly

4 Rubber Foot Same Plate R Assembly No.8
Base Assembly

1 44354901 Gear Assembly CL25Z19 Duplex Clutch Base Assembly

Sensor Assembly Regist

1 42058304 Solenoid Sensor Assembly Regist

2 42605201 Thermistor Belt Sensor Assembly Regist

3 46197701 CONN Cord AMP10P AMP5P AMP5P Sensor Assembly PU/CU
Front Assembly Hop/Reg

1 44261403 Clutch 3.5 Hop. Clutch Front Assembly Hop/Reg

2 44261404 Clutch 4.5 Reg. Clutch Front Assembly Hop/Reg

3 44261406 Clutch 3.5 MPT Clutch Front Assembly Hop/Reg

4 44483301 Roller Assembly Hopping Front Assembly Hop/Reg

5 44483601 Roller Assembly PickUp Front Assembly Hop/Reg

6 44358001 Lever Sensor Hopping Front Assembly Hop/Reg

7 44549801 Lever End Front Assembly Hop/Reg

8 45695901 Lever End Sub Front Assembly Hop/Reg

9 44550001 Spring Lever End
Cover Top Assembly

1 46200401 Cable Head Assembly Cover Top Assembly

2 46129701 Holder Head FFC Cover Top Assembly

3 Lever Lock Top Cover Top Assembly

4 46129201 Plate Head FG L
Cover Assembly Rear

1 Cover Assembly Stacker Case Cassette Assembly

1 44384701 Frame Assembly Retard Case Cassette Assembly 760

2 43963101 Spring Retard
Frame Assembly MPT

1 43922401 Frame Assembly Separator Frame Assembly MPT

2 44009301 Spring Separator Frame Assembly MPT

3 43417901 Roller Assembly Pickup Frame Assembly MPT

4 43922301 Roller Assembly MPT
Cover OP Assembly

1 46132701 Cover OP Top Cover OP Assembly

2 GWMS8915 2.4inch LCD (Graphic panel) Cover OP Assembly

3 46211701 FFC Opepanel Bend Cover OP Assembly

4 46095501 OR Board 76P Cover OP Assembly

5 Cover OP (Front) Same as No.4 of Frame Assembly OP 7-Inch SFP