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Tally and TallyGenicom Printers


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  - Tally and TallyGenicom Printers
    -- Tally and TallyGenicom Impact Printers
      --- Mannesmann Tally MT645
      --- Mannesmann Tally MT691
      --- Tally 2248 Serial Matrix Printer
      --- Tally 2348 Serial Matrix Printer
      --- Tally 2365 Serial Matrix Printer
      --- Tally 2380 Serial Matrix Printer
      --- Tally 2440 Printer (T2440)
      --- Tally 2540 Printer (T2540)
      --- Tally 2600 Printer (T2600)
      --- Tally 2900 Printer (T2900)
      --- Tally 4347-i08 Multiform Printer
      --- Tally 4347-i10 Multiform Printer
      --- Tally T2030 and T2130 Printers
      --- Tally T2040 and T2140 Printer
      --- Tally T2145 and T2245 Printer
      --- Tally T2150 Printer
      --- Tally T2155 & T2170 Printer
      --- Tally T2240 & T2340 Printer
      --- Tally T2250 Printer
      --- Tally T2265 & T2280 Printer
      --- Tally T2265+ Printer
      --- Tally T2280+ Printer
      --- Tally T2340 Serial Matrix Printer
      --- Tally T2365 Serial Matrix Printer
      --- Tally T2380 Serial Matrix Printer
      --- Tally T3016
      --- Tally T3116 SprintJet Industrial Inkjet
      --- Tally T5180 Printer
      --- Tally T6045 Line Printer
      --- Tally T6050 Line Printer
      --- Tally T6065 Line Printer
      --- Tally T6100 and T6101 Line Printer
      --- Tally T6140 and T6141 Line Printer
      --- Tally T6180 Line Printer
      --- Tally T6212, T6215, and T6218 Line Printer
      --- Tally T6306 and T6312 Printers
      --- TallyGenicom 6600 Impact Printers
        ---- TallyGenicom 6605 6610 6615 Open Pedestal Printers
        ---- TallyGenicom 6605 6610 6615 Quiet Pedestal Printers
        ---- TallyGenicom 6605Q 6610Q 6615Q 6620Q Quiet Cabinet Printers
        ---- TallyGenicom 6605Z 6610Z 6615Z Zero-Tear Printers
    -- Tally Laser
      --- Tally T8006 Laser
      nbsp;--- Tally T8024 Laser
      --- Tally T8106 Laser
      --- Tally T8406 Laser
      --- Tally T9021 Laser
      --- Tally T9022 Laser
      --- Tally T9025 Laser
      --- Tally T9112 Laser
      --- Tally T9114 Laser
      --- Tally T9116 Laser
      --- Tally T9132 & T9140 Laser
      --- Tally T9412 Laser