IBM 3191 Terminal


Please see IBM 3483 for replacement

3191-D10 coax monochrome terminal with keyboard
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

3191-D20 coax monochrome terminal with keyboard
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

3191-E20 Monochrome Coax terminal
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

Printer Port (Some models) for local screen copy with screen trim options, Record/Pause/Play capability, Rule and Setup Mode.

The 3191 may be attached to the IBM S/360, S/370, 43XX, 937X, 303X, 308X, 3090, S/8100, S/36 and S/38.

Improved price/performance:
Alert function for maintenance

Printer Port for local screen copy:
Screen Margin option
Various Print Options selectable at setup time

Setup Mode:
Cursor Speeds selectable
Volume Control for Keyboard Click
Vertical Scroll

IBM 3270 compatible
Screen Characteristics:
Screen Size selectable at Setup time
1,920 Characters (80 x 24) plus Operator Information Area
Non-glare, 14-inch Green monochrome CRT
Auto-Dim feature with Time-Out option
Row-Column Indicator
Extended Attribute Buffer (EAB), featuring Extended Highlighting.

Modifiable Keyboards:
IBM 122-Key Typewriter Keyboard
IBM Enhanced Keyboard (102-Key)
IBM 104-Key Typewriter Keyboard
Coiled keyboard cable
Home row indicator keys

Small, light weight video unit
Tilt/Swivel pedestal
Small footprint
Low-profile keyboards

System via Attachment
------- ------------------------------
S/360 3274,3276 Type A Adapter
S/370 3274,3276 Type A Adapter
43XX 3174,3274,3276 Type A Adapter*
937X 3174,3274 Type A Adapter or Work Sta tion Adapter
308X 3174,3274,3276 Type A Adapter
3090 3174,3274,3276 Type A Adapter
S/8100 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
303X 3274,3276 Type A Adapter
S/36 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
S/38 3174,3274 Type A Adapter

A typewriter style modifiable keyboard with either (Except IBM LA) 102/104 keys on the IBM Enhanced Keyboard
or 122 (AP only 124) keys on the Typewriter Keyboard, provides 24 program function keys, a numeric pad, and cursor-move keys. (Except IBM LA) Also available is the 104/106-Key Modifiable Typewriter Keyboard (no numeric pad). A keyboard definition utility is supported in the 3191 to allow definition of customer specific data keyboard layouts.

PA3 key function is supported.

(Some models) Printer Port:
The 4201/4202 (Proprinter) may be attached to the printer port to provides local screen copy.

The 3191 provides, via set up mode, the ability to select the area of the screen to be printed, as well as the print quality, line density and pitch.

Rule provides the ability to display the cursor by extending a line both vertically and/or horizontally.
This facilitates finding the cursor on a busy screen as well as horizontal and vertical guide for rows and columns.

Record/Pause/Play provides a method reducing keystrokes by recording and playing back often used data.

The Response Time Monitor, Alert capability and Entry Assist are supported on the 3274 with Configuration Support D and the 3174.

Adjustable Audible Alarm, Variable Auto-Dim and Security Keylock are standard.
Security key is removable in both LOCK and UNLOCK position.

Input Editing Capability
Cursor move, tab, home key, back tab, insert, delete, extended erase (erase to end-of-field, erase all keyboard input data, and erase entire screen) and cursor select keys are all basic for displays equipped with a keyboard.

All alphanumeric, special symbol, and cursor move keys have typamatic capability.

Double-speed cursor and a horizontal cursor positioning key.

Fields of data may be selected by positioning the cursor, then using the cursor select key. 24 PF keys are available.

When attached to a 3274 with Configuration Support D, or to a 3174, it provides capabilities which facilitate operator entry and editing of text material.

The capabilities include margins, tabbing, word wrap, cursor positioning, character/word delete, cursor position indicator and an audible end-of-line warning tone.

Entry Assist is intended for use primarily with a specific set of host editor programs. See M3174 or 3274 pages for languages supported.

All component parts available.

Extra keyboards available.