Godex G500 / G530 Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer


G500 / G530

High-Tech Power with a Customer Friendly Price

"Twin-Sensor Technology" makes the G500 perfect for printing on all types of specialty materials especially for retail and industrial applications

  • 300 meter ribbon plus the optional label stand provides maximum printing volume
  • "Twin-Sensor" technology allows you to use a broad range of labels
Available interface combinations include: 
  • USB2.0, Serial and Ethernet
  • USB2.0 and Parallel
Strong and stable mechanism design for long term reliability

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G500 4" 203 dpi Thermal Transfer Printer, USB, RS232, Ethernet
021-G50007-000 4" 203 dpi Printhead G500$149.00
021-G53007-000 4" 300 dpi Printhead G530$239.00
021-G50004-000 PCBA Main board for G500 Series$220.00
021-G50010-000 Platen Roller for G500 Series$35.00
032-G50005-000 Dispenser Module for G500 Series$39.00
031-G50002-001 Guillotine Cutter Module for G500 Series$395.00
031-G50003-001 External Label Unwind Stand 2"-4", Black$35.00
031-12P015-001 External Label Unwind Stand 2"-4", White$35.00
011-T10051-000 T10 External Label Rewinder$395.00
021-G50006-000 DTx, RT2x0, Gxx0, Series Power Adapter$95.00
021-12P004-000 Label Rod & Stop Plate kit$9.00
CC2000-6PK Cleaning Pens (6 pens)$23.00
700-026000-011 Ribbon Spindle (1 spindle, for 1" core)$5.00