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Decision Data Models 6540/6570


Decision Data Model 6540/6570

The new 6540 and 6570 series offers the latest in serial matrix technology combined with extensive interface selections, optional second tractor sets and color ribbons. The expansive paper handling features, combined with automatic interface switching makes the 6540 an investment in your printing needs for today and tomorrow.

Advantages and Features The 6540 and 6570 serial matrix printers support multiple data streams: Coax and Twinax SCS, IPDS and ASCII. Users can choose from a variety of models and configurations to meet system and user requirements and applications. If system requires change, users can select from an extensive array of options to support new requirements.

Flexibility and Convenience
The 6540/70 printers offer a wide range of print speeds and have the flexibility and forms handling capability to support multi-part forms, financial reports, invoices, payroll information and program listings. Support for ASCII, Coax/Twinax SCS, and IPDS enables system support for popular applications programs. An optional second tractor is available for dual forms support.

      • 400 cps - 700 cps Multi-part forms and reports
      • Zero line tear off support
      • Optional dual forms support
Decision Data's 6540/70 printers offer AS/400 and RS/6000 users true IBM supported ASCII, Coax/Twinax SCS, or IPDS emulation. These printers be can easily installed on IBM Systems a replacements for existing products or to meet new printer requirements, without compatibility concerns. All Twinax and Coax 6540/70 printers have an ASCII emulation port for dual system attachment. All models offer users the ability to select automatic data stream switching between the ASCII parallel port and IBM interfaces.
      • Multi-platform support AS/400, RS/6000, 3270, ASCII
      • Multiple data stream support ASCII, Twinax/Coax SCS, IPDS
      • Automatic data stream switching
      • Dual system attachment
Product Specifications
Configuration Model 6540 Model 6540
Twinax/Coax SCS, ASCII 03 03
IPDS, Twinax/Coax SCS, ASCII 06 06
ASCII only 01 01
Print Speeds 10 CPI 12 CPI 16 CPI
6540 Fast Draft 400 CPS 480 CPS 480 CPS

NLQ Mode 120 CPS 120 CPS 120 CPS
6570 Fast Draft 700 CPS 840 CPS 840 CPS

NLQ Mode 210 CPS 210 CPS 210 CPS
Line Spacing 3/4/6/8 operator panel or system selection, emulation dependent
Character Spacing 10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.7, 18, operator panel or system selection, emulation dependent
Printer Interfaces 03 SCS Twinax/Coax with ASCII parallel port.
Emulations are: Twinax/Coax - IBM 5224, 4214, or 3287, ASCII - IBM Proprinter XL III or Epson 1050
06 IPDS, Twinax/Coax with ASCII parallel port.
Emulations are: Twinax/Coax - IBM 4224 ASCII - IBM Proprinter XL III or Epson 1050
01 Centronics parallel and RS-232. Emulations are: ASCII - IBM Proprinter XL III or Epson 1050
Data Stream Switching Automatic interface switching - all models
System Support AS/400 ASCII or Twinax system feature dependent
RS/6000 ASCII system via RS-232 or Centronics port
LAN ASCII system via Centronics port
3270 ASCII or Coax system feature dependent
Graphic Options ASCII models only: 7 resident bar codes, 3 of 9, Codes 128, EAN 6, EAN 13, interleaved 2/5, UPC-A, Postnet
Supplies/ Options 6540 Ribbon life: 9 million characters. Optional 4 color ribbon.
Printhead life: 400 million draft characters
6570 Ribbon life: 14 million characters. Optional 4 color ribbon.
Printhead life: 700 million draft characters
Options: Second tractor
Printer stand
Physical Specifications
Print Line 13.6 inches or 136 columns
Width 67.0 cm (26.4 inches)
Depth 40.4 cm (15.9 inches)
Height 31.5 cm (12.4 inches)
Weight 18 kg (39.7 lbs)
6540 6570
Quiet Mode 55 dba 57 dba
Standard 58 dba 60 dba
All measurements are ISO 7770 compliant
Power Requirements 100/120 VAC, 60 Hz, Energy Star compliant