I-O 9226 Coax Attachment for 4226


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I-O 9226

The I-O 9226 Internal Coax Printer Interface provides attachment of a Lexmark/IBM 4226 model printer to an IBM 30XX, 937X, 43XX host; or 3174, 3274 and 3276 control units.

The I-O 9226 offers true IBM 3268, 3262, 3287, 4214, and 4224 (non-IPDS) printer emulations, and supports all applicable IBM RPQs.

Installation and setup are simple through Host download commands, or push-button setup. The I-O Command Pass-Thru feature allows complete access to all user-programmable printer features. The I-O 9226 offers tremendous printing flexibility with its intelligent Host/PC printer sharing port.

Optional on-site service is available though IBM.

IBM compatible printing, PLUS additional features provide significant cost savings over traditional coax printing.

Host Systems:IBM 43XX, 30XX, or 937X Host Processors or 3174, 3274, and 3276 Control Units
Interface:High-speed 3270 protocol via RG62A/U coax to Centronics parallel
Power:Supplied by the printer
Environment:Temperature: +40 to 110 F (+5 to 42 C)
Relative humidity: 20% to 85%
Optimum: 70 +/- 15 F (24 +/- 8 C)
Approvals:FCC A

IBM Features:
Attaches to IBM 43XX, 30XX, or 937X Host Processors or 3174, 3274, and 3267 Control Units
IBM 3262, 3268, 3287, 4214, and 4224 (non-IPDS) Printer Emulations
LU3 (DSC) and LU1 (SCS) Mode Printing
Supports all Applicable IBM RPQs
Supports all IBM Languages
Supports DisplayWrite/370
Optional IBM On-Site Service Available

Complete IBM compatibility for 3262, 3268, 3287, 4214-1, and 4224 (non-IPDS) printer emulations.
Easy SetupPush-button setup allows users to select 3270 operational features with the PA1 and PA2 push-buttons.
Host Download CommandsAllow users to select commonly used 3270 setup selections and additional features.
IBM Printer SupportSupports the Lexmark/IBM 4226 model printer.
I-O Command Pass-ThruAllows user access to all programmable printer functions.
Host Controlled Print QualityAllows the user to select print quality, including the printer's FastDraft printing.
Custom User StringsAllow the user to assign commonly used printer commands to simple identifiers which can be sent to the printer prior to printing a document.
Sophisticated DiagnosticsSelf test and EBCDIC hex printouts provide quick problem resolution, troubleshooting and configuration review.