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Axis AFP 0024-5 IPDS to Postscript


Axis AFP protocol converter
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

The Axis AFP is a printer controller that allows PostScript printers to function as an IBM 4028, 3916, 3912, 3112, 3116, 3812 or 3816 IPDS page printer by translating the IPDS data stream into PostScript code. It supports printing from AFP (Advanced Function Printing) applications through PSF, and any other application with IPDS, 3270 data stream or SCS output, as well as all AS/400 or S/3x applications.

Axis AFP has the following characteristics:
- Resolution Independence:
PostScript printers of any resolution can be attached. Both 240 and 300 dpi based IBM print data is automatically converted.

- Fonts:
Host down-loaded fonts are supported and the printer?s fonts are scaled to be functionally equivalent to the resident fonts of the emulated printer. Up to 128 additional scaleable fonts can be user defined.

- Color:
PostScript Level 1 and Level 2 color and monochrome printers are supported.

- Page Handling:
Duplex and multiple bins are supported. Page scaling and offsetting can be used to compensate for the printer?s unprintable area. All page sizes are supported.

- Printer Memory Requirements:
Minimum recommended printer memory is 2 Mbytes. Additional memory will be used for IPDS resources and may increase the performance of the printer.

- Printer Attachment:
 It attaches to the printer's parallel port.

- Printer Sharing:
A parallel Centronics input can be used to share the printer with the host system. Programmable job begin/end sequences can control emulation switching and job separation.

3270/Coax only
- Hex Transparancy:
Makes it possible to transfer hex-encoded binary data directly to the printer, for example to print PostScript data directly from the host without any conversion in the Axis AFP.

IBM Printer Emulation
The Axis AFP supports all IPDS towers. Together with a PostScript printer, it emulates any of the following printers:
- IBM 4028
- IBM 3112/3916
- IBM 3912/3916
- IBM 3812 model 2
- IBM 3816 model 01S/01D
- IBM 3287
- IBM 3268
- IBM 3262
- IBM 4214 model 1
- IBM 4214 model 2
- IBM 5224
- IBM 5225
- IBM 5256.

Technical Specifications
Host Environments

3270/Coax mode:
- IBM S/370, S/390
- IBM 30xx
- IBM 937x
- IBM 43xx
- IBM AS/400 or S/3x via 3x74 Control Unit.

5250/Twinax mode:
- IBM AS/400 Twinaxial Workstation Controller (9402, 9404, and 9406)
- IBM AS/Entry Twinaxial Workstation Controller (9402)
- IBM AS/Entry Workstation Control Unit (5363)
- IBM S/36 Workstation Control Unit (5360, 5362, 5363, and 5364)
- IBM S/38
- IBM 5259 Migration Data Link
- IBM 5251 Model 12 Controller
- IBM 5294 Remote Control Unit attached to S/36
- IBM 5394 Remote Control Unit attached to AS/400 or S/36
- IBM 5494 Remote Control Unit attached to AS/400
- IBM 5299 Terminal Multiconnector.

3270/Coax mode:
- IBM 3174 Control Unit with Configuration Support-A Release 5.1 or higher or Configuration Support-B Release 1.0 or higher
- IBM 3274 Control Unit Models 41x or 61x via Category A with Terminal Port Configuration Support-D Release 65.1 or higher or Configuration Support- C Release 49.0 or higher
- IBM ES/9370 Work Station Subsystem Controller (Features #6120 and #6020/6021) at Release 4.0 or higher
- IBM ES/9370 3270 Adapter (Features #6120 and #6020/6021) at Release 4.0 or higher
- IBM 4361 Work Station Adapter
- IBM 4321, 4331 or 4361 Display/Printer Adapter
- IBM 3299 Multiplexor.

Software Requirements for IPDS Printing
3270/Coax mode:
- PSF/MVS Version 1.2.1 or higher
- PSF/VM Version 1.1 or higher
- ACF/VTAM Version 3.1.1 or higher
- VM/SP Release 4 or higher
- RSCS/VM Version 2.2 or higher
- GDDM Version 2.1.1 with PTF APAR PL18771 or higher
- DCF Version 1.3.2 or higher.

5250/Twinax mode:
? IBM AS/400 Operating System/400 (OS/400) 1.3.0 or higher
- IBM AS/Entry System Support Program (SSP) Release 6.0 or higher, with IPDS Advanced Function PRPQ
- IBM S/38 CPF Release 8
- IBM S/36 SSP Release 5.1 or higher, with IPDS Advanced Function PRPQ and PTF 52-850
- IBM 5294 Remote Control Unit IPDS feature (#3601)
- IBM 5394 Remote Control Unit microcode Release 2.2 or higher.

Cable Attachments
3270/Coax mode:
- RG-62/AU coaxial cable @ max. 5000 ft (1500 meters)
- IBM Cabling System. DPC connector for connection to IBM Cabling System without balun.

5250/Twinax mode:
? Twinaxial cable @ max. 5000 ft (1500 meters)
- IBM Cabling System with baluns
- Type-3 telephone twisted pair cabling through twisted-pair-to-twinaxial adapters.

Data Streams
- Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS), SNA and non-SNA
- SNA Character Stream (LU-1/SCS)
- SNA 3270 Data Stream Emulation (LU-3/DSE) (3270/Coax mode only)
- BSC 3270 non-SNA Data Stream Compatible (LU-0/DSC) (3270/Coax mode only)
- Transparent data through PC-Host sharing option for use of the attached printer's emulations, such as PostScript and HP PCL.

IBM Features
- All IPDS towers (functional subsets within brackets):
- Device Control (DC/1)
- Text (TX/1: PTOCA, PT/1 and PT/2)
- IM Image (IM/1: IMD/1)
- IO Image (IO/1: IOCA FS 10)
- Graphics (GR/1: GOCA, DR1 and DR2/V0)
- Bar Codes (BC/1: BCOCA and BCD/1)
- Page Segments (PS/1)
- Overlays (OL/1)
- Loaded Fonts (LF/1)
- IO Image compression algorithms: Uncompressed, IBM Group 3 MMR, CCITT Group 4 MMR and RL4
- Bar Codes: MSI, UPC A, UPC E, UPC 2 suppl., UPC 5 suppl., EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN 2-digit add-on, EAN 5-digit add-on, 2 of 5 Industrial, 2 of 5 Matrix, 2 of 5 Interleaved, Code 39, Codabar, Code 128 and Postnet - 20 Character Sets and Code Pages
- All IBM 3270/DSE/DSC mode RPQs for IBM 3812/3816 (3270/Coax mode only)
- Extended Attribute Buffer (EAB), APL2/Text, excluding PS (3270/Coax mode only)
- Five input bins
- Duplex
- Color.

Additional Features
- Menu driven configuration procedure using a standard CUT type 3270 coax, 5250 twinax terminal or a PC with coax terminal emulator board
- More resource memory than IBM 3812 and IBM 4028 enables more and larger fonts, overlays and page segments to be host down-loaded - Resource memory can be expanded up to 4 Mbytes
- Scaling to compress or expand the page contents
- Offsetting to move the page contents
- Up to 128 user definable scaleable fonts
- Optional PC-Host sharing for dynamic and intelligent printer sharing of one parallel (Centronics) input
- Supports any printer resolution
- Supports all page sizes up to 100" 100"
- Hex Transparency allows sending data directly to the printer without conversion. (3270/Coax mode only)

Font Support
- Supports host down-loaded 300 and 240 dpi fonts
- Supports IBM 4028/3916 and 3812/3816 resident fonts using the printer's PostScript outline fonts (Courier, Times, Helvetica, New Century Schoolbook and Symbol), including:
- Courier 5, 10, 13.3, 15, 17, 20 and 27 CPI
- Essay, Modern, Document and Boldface PSM
- Sonoran Serif 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 point
- Sonoran Serif Italic 9, 10, 11 point
- Sonoran Serif Bold 9, 10, 14, 16, 20, 24 point
- Sonoran Serif Bold Italic 9, 10, 12, 18 point
- Century Schoolbook 12 and 14 point
- Century Schoolbook Bold 12 and 14 point
- Century Schoolbook Italic 12 and 14 point
- Century Schoolbook Bold Italic 12 and 14 point
- Supports OCR-B and Letter Gothic fonts by down-loading the fonts to the printer when needed.
- Up to 128 user definable scaleable fonts.

Character Support
- All characters supported for host down-loaded fonts
- Resident fonts supported in US Language Group code pages using character set 697 through PostScript character set ISO 8859-1 and Symbol with added line-draw characters.

Printer Support
- Adobe PostScript compatible printers of any print resolution
- Adobe PostScript compatible color printers of any print resolution.

Printer Memory Requirements
- Minimum recommended printer memory size 2 Mbytes, providing at least 200 kbytes of free VM Size memory.
- For host down-loaded fonts additional memory may be required. At least 3 Mbytes printer memory or 700 kbytes of free VM Size memory is recommended for extensive use.

Printer Attachment
- Parallel Centronics

Printing Speed (printer dependent)
- Centronics: Up to 200 kbytes/second transfer rate

Hardware specifications
- CPU: NS32CG16 and Axis 8x487 Communication Processor
- Memory: 1 Mbyte RAM, expandable to 4 Mbytes
1 Mbyte EPROM, expandable to 2 Mbytes
32 kbytes NVRAM.

Physical Dimensions
- Size: H=1.3, W=7.7, D=5.2 (inches)
H=32,W=195, D=133 (mm)
- Weight: 1,8 lbs. (0.8 kg).

Electrical specifications
- Power: 12?15 V AC or DC, min 500 mA, provided by external power supply.

- EMI: FCC Class A
CE: EN 55022/1987, EN 50082-1/1992
- Safety: EN 60950

Operating Environment
- Temp.: 5-40 degrees Celsius (40-105 degrees Farenheit)
- Humidity: 10%-95% non-condensing.
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice