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CLI AG76xx Thin Client

The AG7600 is a high performance desktop replacement platform ready to take on any remote computing or desktop application requirement for today and the future. It offers state of the art graphics performance utilizing the latest Operating Systems in 1.5 cubic liters of space. The AG7600 is perfect for any advanced thin computing need.


Dual core 1.65GHz processor
Dual Digital Video (DVI-D and DVI-I).
Dedicated Radeon HD 6320 GPU.
Multiple mounting options.
Optional internal wireless.
Unprecedented performance, unbelievable size.

Extreme performance, 3D video, compact size:
Located at the heart of the CLI AG7600 series is a new engine designed for exceptional performance and efficiency . The new architecture eliminates one of the fundamental constraints that limits performance. All major system elements CPU cores, vector engines, and a unified video decoder for HD decoding tasks now live on a single piece of silicon. Whether you want the best 2D or 3D graphics, HD video, or the ability to embed custom Windows applications that execute on the device, the AG7600 can deliver that and more.

Quality graphics with thin client reliability
The AG7600 is built with embedded technology from AMD that utilizes the powerful G-Series processor to run the latest in Operating Systems and applications. With a dedicated GPU it delivers an unprecedented graphics performance in a thin client device. This powerhouse is packaged in less than 1.5 cubic liters with no moving parts. The future of thin computing has arrived.