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Printronix announced a 5% price increase on their printers, as well as a 10% price increase on their ribbons.  This new pricing goes into effect today, September 27, 2021.

Lexmark is making the following announcements:

  • Hardware Price Changes
  • Supplies Price Changes
  • Withdrawal of select color and monochrome single and multifunction GO Line devices
Hardware and Supplies Price Changes
Lexmark is announcing price changes to selected printers and multifunction device products. These changes affect all communicated pricing levels (i.e. MSRP, MAP, Web, reseller). This increase will be effective on October 4, 2021.

Lexmark is making these changes in response to overall cost increases and current market conditions. Lexmark reserves the right to limit quantities ordered by a reseller prior to October 4, 2021. For reseller orders placed prior to the scheduled price change date and accepted by Lexmark, the reseller must take delivery prior to October 4. Hardware shipped after that date will be invoiced at the new price. Lexmark expects to review the positioning of additional products not listed in this pricing letter.

Beginning October 4, 2021, Lexmark reserves the right to also implement a similar price increase for part numbers when an existing contract is renewed. This may also change the rebate amount.

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