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I-O HP Connectivity


LAN, Twinax, or Coax Connectivity for Hewlett-Packard Printers.

Easy installation in the printer's EIO, MIO, or XIO slot, or externally through the parallel port.
Convenient configuration through the printer's operator panel.
Reliable printing from IBM AS/400, S/3X or 3270-type mainframe.
Low-cost bar code printing through on-board bar code generator.

Hewlett-Packard Printer Interface Connectivity Guide
To an IBM twinax (5250) host, use an IBM coax (3270) host use an...
HP EIO compatible printersI-O 4260 LaserCard (internal)
I-O Print Box TxP plus (external)
I-O 4260 LaserCard (internal)
I-O Print Box CxP plus (external)
HP MIO compatible printersI-O 8220 LaserCard (internal)
I-O Print Box TxP plus (external)
I-O 9220 LaserCard (internal)I-O Print Box CxP plus (external)
HP XIO compatible printers I-O 8200 LaserCard (internal)I-O Print Box TxP plus (external)I-O Print Box CxP plus (external)
Other HP Printers I-O Print Box TxP plus (external) I-O Print Box CxP plus (external)