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Lexmark Optra SC 1275


Optra S1275 and Network Ready 1275n
  • 12-page-per-minute black/3-ppm color engine speed
  • Excellent throughput performance with no compromise to print quality
  • True 600 x 600 dpi for crisp black text and vibrant colors
  • 1200 Image Quality for optimal printing of fine details in photos
  • Vivid, consistent printing on plain paper, transparencies, office paper labels and 90 lb. card stock
  • RAMSmart advanced memory management improves the effectiveness of the standard memory
  • ColorSharp intelligent color enhancement eliminates tedious fine-tuning;text, graphics and images are automatically optimized separately, ensuring best quality across the entire page
  • Same document format, software support, memory and storage options as monochrome Optra S models saves training time and costs
  • MarkVision network printer management software for easy and intuitive setup, monitoring and control
  • Money-saving multi-up and toner-saver printing modes
  • Supplies monitoring feature alerts you when paper or toners are low
  • Works in all major network environments, whether you're standardized on one or many
  • Supports all major color management systems
  • Prints from virtually any software application right out of the box:PostScript Level 2, PCL 5 with Color and PCL 6 (mono) emulations are standard

  • Technology
    • Color laser, true four-color process (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)
    • 12 ppm (pages per minute) black*
    • 3 ppm full color*
    • 1 ppm transparencies*
    • Job Overlap Processing for optimal throughput
    • Simultaneous multiple job printing and processing
    * Actual throughput is dependent on computer, application, file complexity and network traffic


    • High-performance 32-bit 66MHz RISC Intel i960 RISC
    • Integrated ASIC controller speeds memory and processor I/O
    • PostScript Level 2 emulation standard
    • PCL 5 with Color emulation standard
    • PCL XL (mono) emulation standard
    • Drivers for Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 3.1x, Macintosh System 7 (LaserWriter 8 and QuickDraw GX) and OS/2
    • Windows 95 Plug and Play
    • SmartSwitch automatic printer language sensing
    • State Preservation saves resources when switching between printer languages
    • Uses EDO RAM for maximum performance and reliability
    • Standard 16MB RAM on Optra SC 1275 and 32MB RAM on Optra SC 1275n
    • Expandable to 192MB RAM with optional SIMMs: 4MB (p/n 45H0023), 8MB (p/n 45H0024), 16MB (p/n 45H0025), 32MB (p/n 45H0026), 64MB (p/n 45H0027)
    • RAMSmart advanced memory management with job-overlap processing lets you print large or complex files with less memory
    • Configurable I/O buffer size
    • Optional flash memory modules for permanently storing fonts, forms and macros: 1MB (p/n 45H0020), 2MB (p/n 45H0021), 4MB (p/n 45H0022)
    • Optional hard disk configurable for storage and print buffering (p/n 45H0000 adapter w/ hard disk) (p/n 45H0001 adapter w/o hard disk)
    Paper Handling
    • Standard 250-sheet feeder and 150-sheet multipurpose tray
    • Optional 250-sheet second drawer
    • 250-sheet output capacity (face down)
    • Prints on paper 20 to 43 lb. (75 to 163 g/m2)
    • Prints on laser printer transparencies 37 to 39 lb. (Lexmark Color Laser Transparencies (p/n 1053740) recommended for best print quality)
    • Prints on paper labels designed for laser printers
    • Prints on card stock to 163g/m2 (up to 90 lb. index and 100 lb tag)
    • Paper sizes: Letter, legal (monochrome only), A4, A5, B5, Executive
    • High-Speed Bidirectional Parallel Port (IEEE 1284/ECP compliant)
    • Ethernet 100BaseTX/10BaseT standard on Optra SC 1275n (occupies one Internal Solutions Port)
    • Three PCI-based Internal Solutions Ports (ISP) which support the following options:
      • Tri-Port Adapter (p/n 44H0008) with concurrent support for the following:
        • Serial RS-232C/RS-422
        • LocalTalk
        • IrDA-compliant High Speed 1Mbps Infrared (requires the Infrared Adapter p/n 44H0009)
      • MarkNetTM S internal network adapters:
        • Ethernet 100BaseTX and 10BaseT using Intel EtherExpress Pro/100 technology with Auto-speed negotiation (p/n 44H0003)
        • Ethernet 10Base2 and 10BaseT with auto-media detection (p/n 44H0005)
        • Token-Ring using IBM PCI Token-Ring Adapter technology 4/16Mbps with auto-ring speed detection UTP and STP with auto-media detection (p/n 44H0001)
    • Coax/Twinax Adapter for SCS for connectivity to IBM 3270 and 5250 environments (p/n 44H0011)
    • Hard disk for job buffering (see Memory above, for p/ns)
    MarkNet S Protocols and Network Operating System Support
    • MarkNet S Adapters support the following protocols:
      • TCP/IP
      • LexLink (DLC/LLC)
      • Novell (IPX/SPX, including full support for NetWare Directory Service - NDS)
      • AppleTalk (EtherTalk and TokenTalk)
    • Complete TCP/IP support is provided via a set of standard application services:
      • DHCP, WINS, http, lpr/lpd, ftp, tftp, finger, ping, telnet, bootp, rarp, and SNMP MIB II and industry standard printer MIB (RFC1759)
    • The following network operating systems are directly supported:
      • Novell NetWare (including full NDS support)
      • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.1, 3.5, 3.51 and 4.0
      • Microsoft Windows 95 (Peer-to-Peer) Networking
      • IBM OS/2 Warp (LAN) Server
      • IBM OS/400 V3R1 or V3R6 and later with LexLink or TCP/IP
      • AppleTalk (TokenTalk or EtherTalk)
      • Virtually any platform that supports TCP/IP printing
      • Various UNIX platforms with TCP/IP
        To assist in the MarkNet S remote setup, MarkVision for UNIX Networks and MarkVision for UNIX Intranet Servers are recommended. (Licensed program product p/n 13A2120) UNIX platforms include: AIX, NCR, HP-UX, SCO, Sun Solaris x86, Sun Solaris, SunOS, Silicon Graphics, UnixWare
    Management and Control
    • MarkVision Printer Management Utility for the following client environments: Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, OS/2 Warp, Mac OS and UNIX
    • WWW browser-based intranet and Internet printer management:
      • MarkVision for the UNIX Intranet Servers (requires MarkVision for UNIX Networks)
      • MarkNet S with embedded html and http protocol support
    • Support for open printer management standards
      • SNMP MIB II and industry-standard printer MIB (RFC 1759)
    • Industry-standard printer MIB ensures support for virtually any SNMP-based network management application
    • MarkVision automatically integrates into the following network management applications:
      • Novell ManageWise
      • HP OpenView for Windows
      • HP OpenView Network Node Manager
      • IBM NetView/6000, SystemView for AIX
      • Tivoli (IBM) TME10 NetFinity for OS/2
      • Tivoli (IBM) TME10 for AIX
    Font Selection
    • 75 scalable fonts in PostScript Level 2 and PCL 5 emulations
    • 45 scalable fonts in PCL 6 emulation
    • 2 bitmapped fonts
    • World-class international font support
    • FontVisionTM font management utility available to registered users
    Maximum Printable Line
    • Length
      • olor: 10.67" (288mm)
      • Black: 13.66" (346mm)
    • Width: 8.17" (204mm)
    Usability Features
    • Automated supplies monitoring for replacement warning
    • User-selectable Toner Saver mode for lower-cost draft printing
    • 9.8" W x 20.75" D x 15.87" H (502.9mm x 527.1mm x 403.1mm) / 77 lbs. (35 kg)
    • 55 dBA (operating) / 39 dBA (idle)
    • Lexmark recommends the following (a cable is not included with the printer):
      • 50-foot Serial Printer Cable, (p/n 1038693)
      • 10-foot Parallel Cable (p/n 1329605)
      • 20-foot Parallel Cable (p/n 1427498)
    • 250-sheet second drawer assembly, letter (p/n 11C0157)
    • 250-sheet paper tray (p/n 11C0198)
    • Printer Cabinet (p/n 43H2950)
    • Black Cartridge 4,500 pages at 5% coverage (p/n 1361751)
    • Cyan Cartridge 3,500 pages at 5% coverage (p/n 1361752)
    • Magenta Cartridge 3,500 pages at 5% coverage (p/n 1361753)
    • Yellow Cartridge 3,500 pages at 5% coverage (p/n 1361754)
    • Photoconductor Kit, including waste toner bottle and fuser coating roll--up to 20,000 images (p/n 1361750)
    • Transparencies (p/n 1053740)
    • Optra Multimedia Assistant on CD-ROM (p/n 10MV050)
    Duty Cycle
    • Maximum of 20,000 pages per month, based on a single month's use