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Visara 3074


Visara 3074

With the discontinuation of IBMs 2074 Console Support Controller, you may be faced with what to replace it with going forward. Your search is much shorter than you think! Visara International offers a direct replacement, the SCON-3074. With its expanded feature set, the SCON-3074 offers direct replacement for all models of the IBM 2074.

The SCON-3074 comes standard with a single ESCON and two Ethernet interfaces, capable of supporting 48 LPARs and 128 sessions. By adding a second ESCON interface, up to 96 LPARs and 256 console sessions are supported.

Using the unique Hot Session capability of the SCON it is possible to configure a console session to remain active with the host whether a real console is connected or not, making it available for occasional use by programmers and remote administrators, a perfect solution for disaster recovery sites. Access is accomplished without the need to vary the console active when you connect. Also, with the flexibility of local and remote access, you can roam within the campus, or simply shut off your console and then reconnect it when you get home without the need for operator intervention of any kind.