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News on 15 January 2019

I-O Corporation
Important Discontinuation Update:

With the ever-changing world of technology, the time has come to prepare for the eventual discontinuation of our Legacy External Ethernet Print Servers and hardware devices.

Products included in this discontinuation are: all 54xx and most 57xx printer gateway boxes, XIP+ controllers, and the LANRPC+.

Products NOT included are: 5760e and 5765e printer gateways, 2677e, as well as our thin and zero clients. While supplies last, we will continue to sell these devices for the immediate future. Many of the components used in these devices have gone end-of-life and are no longer available, thus making it extremely difficult to maintain any active production.

Warranty and support for these products will be discontinued as of December 31st, 2021. We will maintain an inventory to support our warranty replacement program.

Going forward, as an alternative to the hardware solutions, our adaptio Host Print Software will continue to be available with year-to-year warranty and maintenance.

Also, the 122 keyboards (P/N 58.069) for the old 2677MX units will no longer be available.