Visara 1481


Visara 1481 SNA Display

Visara 1481
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
Visara 1481

Enhanced Features in a Basic Function Display

Make the Smart Choice

The Visara 1481 SNA Display allows you to take full advantage of the display-host link by providing enhanced productivity features and an ergonomic design to improve operator efficiency. The 1481 SNA Display features a 14-inch amber, green, or black-on-white flat phosphor screen using a 9 x 20-pixel character block to produce sharp, crisp character definition. In addition, the 72-Hz refresh rate ensures a flicker-free screen. Easily accessible front controls adjust brightness and contrast of the display screen.

Extend the Life of Your Display

Visara provides a power saver mode that cuts power usage in half to extend the life of the 1481. The power saver mode also reduces component stress by turning off nonessential circuits during periods of inactivity. To further protect your equipment investment, Visara provides a variable auto-dim feature that allows you to set the 1481 Display to dim automatically at a designated time interval, preventing screen burn-in.

Simplify Setup and Customize Applications

Pull down menus simplify the setup process by allowing operators to select screen display options and designate appropriate local and system output devices in offline mode. The rule cursor feature enables operators to align columns quickly for tabular entry applications. Mark unprotected fields identify available entry locations quickly and reduce field search time. The coax active indicator enables a rapid verification of host connection. In addition, a full range of low-profile keyboards is available to accommodate specific applications and user preferences.

Improve Output Efficiency

With local screen printer support, operators can produce hard copies without leaving their desks. An auto skip option saves time by eliminating the need for manual printer adjustments and automatically advances preprinted forms a selected number of lines after printing.

For the ease of viewing and increased operator productivity that comes with superior display quality, the Visara 1481 SNA Display is the smart choice that will bring you years of reliable performance.

User Friendly, Environmentally Friendly /p>

Engineered for minimum environmental impact, the 1481 far exceeds the US Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines for energy-saving computer equipment. While the EPA's new Energy Star program calls for computers and monitors to enter a low-power state of less than 30 watts when the unit is inactive, the 1481 Display consumes only 9 watts in power saver mode.

Visara products have a long-standing tradition of providing displays that are power-efficient by design. What's more, we offer this outstanding benefit without adding cost to consumers or sacrificing the display's performance.