Why Buy from Argecy?


Argecy is an old company in the modern data processing industry. We were founded in 1978 as a wholesale supplier of refurbished computer hardware. Today, after thirty years of accumulated good will, we continue to supply new, surplus and refurbished equipment. We ship to customers all over the world. Our sales reps keep detailed records and histories to help you make great decisions. We don't just read you what it says on some document. We provide analysis, recommendations, and lifetime support.


If there is any one thing that distinguishes our company it is quality. 'Quality' is one of those terms that is easy to say, but very difficult to perform. We have learned the hard way. Anything that arrives that is not perfect is a problem for us too. We want to assure zero problems. Look for our name on the box... This is not "generic" equipment, but our dedication to your long term trust.


After all these years we have the depth of knowledge and infrastructure to deliver what we promise. Technicians, product documentation, diagnostics, you name it. There are indeed reasons that "Brick and Mortar" matter. And not just our warehouses are proof of our depth; check out how deep this web site is. It is rich with details, parts, problem resolution, etc.

Inventory and Infrastructure

We don't just wholesale or flip gear to the market, we are the market. In order to guarantee availability, we must carry a significant inventory. Otherwise we lose control of quality and consistency. We buy as gear is available in the market, and sit on it until you need it. We have our own in-house sales and inventory management software which makes us very flexible to tailor to your needs.


Sometimes all it takes is a small part or an easy fix. If we can offer a low or no-cost solution, we will. Our policy is to help you make great decisions, which makes us a long term partner for your ongoing needs. Our prices are fair and we do not gouge. Check out our scores and feedback anywhere.

New and Surplus and Refurbished

AKA The "Life-Cycle":
We coined a phrase which sums it up best: "We specialize in quality equipment over the entire equipment life cycle, not just the current menu." Equipment specifications are constantly changing. In this change is the opportunity to take advantage of significant price deterioration. We help you ride the market. As new models are introduced, prior releases are discounted continually until reaching obsolescence. The typical equipment vendor discontinues products once the price point declines to a predetermined level. For example, while specifications continue to inflate, prices remain fairly stable for current models. There is a market at each price point from zero up to state-of-the-art. We fill a niche by offering quality, brand name computer hardware throughout the entire life of the equipment. New, then surplus, then refurbished-- "The Equipment Life Cycle"

Personal Service

As equipment offerings grow in number and complexity, market knowledge is no small feat. We are not just "order takers." We are experts in all phases of quality, long-term computer equipment support and availability. A long-term, professional relationship can be of tremendous value as your needs develop. You can "know someone in the business."

  • Equipment needs evaluation and recommendations
  • Consulting
  • Field support
  • Diagnostic, Audit, and Repair Services
  • Technical specifications and catalogs for hundreds of machines, old and new
  • Tens of Thousands of transactions
  • Full in-house technical library
  • Printhead rebuilds
  • Tractor rebuilds and repairs
  • Printer stands
  • New Equipment
  • Remanufactured and Refurbished Equipment
  • Surplus Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Product warranties
  • Warranty and maintenance history
  • Full paint bay
  • Foam-in-place packing
  • "Bottom-up" rebuilding
  • Trade-in disposition
  • National and international freight and logistics
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Feature configuration
  • Configuration and burn-in testing
  • Depot maintenance
  • Controlled-environment storage
  • Configuration pre-load and support
  • System customization
  • Scheduled and predictable equipment rotation
  • Customizable and flexible short-term rental