Visara 1483


Visara 1483 SNA Display

Visara 1483
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
Visara 1483

Horizontal Split Screen Plus Advanced Features

Making the Best Better
As the authority in SNA for the past 20 years, Visara products have maintained their role as the industry leaders by unveiling the new 1483 display with a horizontal split screen feature. To increase productivity and information management, this feature simplifies many redundant and time-consuming tasks by displaying two horizontal screens simultaneously. Now twice the information is available at a single glance.

Migrate and Save
The 1483 protects your equipment investment by providing a built-in plan for the future. If you decide to upgrade from fixed function to PC capability, you need only switch the logic module. We've used PC-style monitors. And even the keyboards have PC legends to make them interchangeable between the display and the PC. Migration has never been easier.

A truly one-of-a-kind display station, highlights of the 1483 include electronic (versus mechanical) key lock, an increased record/playback capability of 7,000 keystrokes, the new horizontal split screen capability, Host Addressable Print, an advanced power saver mode that meets the most stringent standards, and standard light pen support. Loaded with state-of-the-art features to increase your productivity and generate a greater return on your investment, the 1483 is the choice not only for today's needs but for tomorrow's as well.

Versatility Built In
Our 14-, 15- and 17-inch color monitors are excellent solutions for your straight data entry and basic-function computing needs. For more elaborate operations, including the dual display option, the SuperVGA color monitor with 63 programmable colors is a proven winner. Its vivid colors and multiple pastel shades are available to customize screen colors, data entry fields, and the rule cursor. This easy color coding minimizes field search time and optimizes viewing ease. The SuperVGA color monitor comes in the traditional 14-inch, a 15-inch, and a generous 17-inch size to fit your unique business/budget needs. The color units offer a wider frequency range and a touch control adjustment panel. Additionally, the 1483 supports overscan and reverse video for customers who require this capability.

Ergonomic Design, High Energy Efficiency
The Visara 1483 meets ISO 9241 Part 3 requirements for operator comfort and task performance. These requirements ensure viewer comfort by defining parameters for such things as character size and definition, flicker-free viewing, lack of screen jitter, and good luminance balance between foreground and background.

And despite its wealth of features, the 1483 display is designed to be compliant with the very stringent TCO 1992 radiation and power consumption standards set by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, which requires that the unit consume fewer than 8 watts during power down. As a matter of fact, the 1483 consumes fewer than 5 watts of power when idle.

And, the 1483 far exceeds the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for energy-saving computer equipment. The EPA's Energy Star program calls for computers and monitors to enter a low-power state of fewer than 30 watts when the unit is inactive.

Unique Power-Down Feature
Our power-down feature has been ingeniously designed. The 1483 monitor plugs into the base unit, which controls the current into the monitor to create a complete system power-down capability.

This means that any Visara monitor used with the 1483 base unit will meet the TCO power-down requirements. It also means very significant savings on your power bills - power consumption is reduced 87 percent or more when the unit is in power saver mode. Not only does the 1483 make environmental sense, it makes economic sense as well.