Visara 1483 DSV


Visara 1483 DSV SNA Display

Dual Screen and a Choice of Five Monitors

Seeing Double for Greater Productivity
For enhanced productivity and information management in the SNA environment, turn to Visara, the industry leader in SNA display technology. Our 1483 DSV Display provides side-by-side presentation of two full screens of information. This capability simplifies redundant tasks while giving you double the information at a single glance. And all without logon/logoff procedures or distracting menu walk-throughs.

Multiple Hosts Accessibility
The Visara 1483 DSV concurrently displays two full 80-column screens of information from two active host sessions. Because both sessions are active, data in both screens can be updated. (Other vendor solutions display only one 80-column active session, plus a smaller reference screen with only cut-and-paste capability.) And because the data is available for immediate use via the controller's multiple logical sessions, users can merge data between applications residing on the same host or on different hosts. You save precious time because there's no need for rekeying.

Any screen size (Mod 2, 3, 4, or 5) can be displayed on either side of a dual side-by-side screen. The 132-column Mod 5 sessions can be scrolled right or left within an 80-column viewing window. The 80-column Mod 2, 3, and 4 sessions are displayed in entirety.

A Wealth of Features
When combined with the Visara 1174 Internetwork Controller, the versatile 1483 DSV offers a wealth of additional features. The 1174's extensive host connections enable concurrent access to 3270, TCP/IP, or ASCII hosts on your 1483 DSV Display. You have the functionality of diverse systems on one desktop.

Advanced, Ergonomic Design
Available in 14-, 15-, and 17-inch versions, the SuperVGA monitors offer a palette of 63 programmable colors with an advanced ergonomic design. Users can customize screen colors, data entry field colors, and the rule cursor to reduce field time search, to speed screen alignment, and to make viewing easier on the eyes. And like all Visara displays, the 1483 DSV is designed to meet the world's toughest standards for emissions and user comfort.

One Cable Is All It Takes
Dual screen capability may sound complex, but with the 1483 DSV, it only takes one cable connection. No complex wiring is required. Unlike alternative solutions that require expensive PCs with windowing capability only the logical units from the controller are used. You won't find another display station on the market that offers the unique combination of advanced features with the dual screen advantage, and that makes the 1483 DSV a decided winner.

Ergonomic Comfort with Energy Efficiency
The Visara 1483 DSV meets ISO 9241 Part 3 requirements for operator comfort and task performance. These requirements ensure viewer comfort by defining parameters for such things as character size and definition, flicker-free viewing, lack of screen jitter, and good luminance balance between foreground and background. And despite its wealth of features, the 1483 DSV Display is designed to be compliant with the very stringent TCO 1992 radiation and power consumption standards set by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, which requires that the unit consume fewer than 8 watts during power down. In fact, the 1483 DSV even meets the more rigorous TCO recommendation of less than 5 watts of power consumption when idle.

And the 1483 DSV far exceeds the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for energy-saving computer equipment. The EPA's Energy Star program calls for computers and monitors to enter a low-power state of fewer than 30 watts when the unit is inactive.

Visara has a long-standing tradition of providing power-efficient displays. And we offer this benefit without adding cost to the product or sacrificing the display's performance.