Winterm 2000T

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Winterm 2000T
Winterm 2000T

Grayscale ANSI/Windows-based Terminal

Wyse Technology, a world leader in ANSI and ASCII technology, introduces the WintermTM 2000T, the first drop-in replacement for ANSI terminals with Windows capability.

A member of the Winterm family of intranet- and Internet-compatible Microsoft Windows-centric desktops, the Winterm 2000T combines the best features of specialized character-based terminals with award-winning grayscale Windows display capabilities. It offers high performance, ease of use, security and networkability in a unit that costs far less to own and operate than traditional alternatives.

  • >Telnet 220 ANSI character terminal personality
  • >ICA personality displays Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and DOS applications via multiuser Windows NT applications servers
  • >Grayscale 640 x 480 pixel VGA-resolution display
  • >Centralized software administration and management
  • >ICA 3 display protocol-compliant
  • >Serial or network interfaces
  • >Dual high-speed serial ports
  • >Bi-directional parallel port
  • >Drop-in replacement for TN 220 terminals for many applications
  • >Delivers Windows to the UNIX environment
  • >Quality display in space-efficient footprint
  • >Dramatically lowers administrative costs and upgrade requirements
  • >Fast, efficient Windows access
  • >Multiple connectivity options
  • >Supports magstrip and advanced serial peripherals
  • >Quiet, durable, reliable, secure