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Ricoh MPc3500SPF (Color MFP)


Ricoh Aficio MPc3500SPF


General Features
  • Paper supply up to 3,100 sheets
  • Easy to replace toner cartridge
  • Easy-to-grip paper tray handles
  • Choose from a variety of professional finishing options including hole-punched, saddle-stitch and folded booklets
  • Provides an array of document management capabilities including, but not limited to, archiving, managing, and sending/receiving files
  • Multiple security levels both standard and optional to satisfy your security requirements
  • Store and retrieve documents on-site with built-in Document Server
  • View job queues and check supply levels with Web Image Monitor and SmartDeviceMonitor
  • Print photos right from a digital camera
  • Easy to use, oversized, Full-Color LCD Touch Panel Display
Copier Features
  • Output speed 35-ppm full color and black and white
  • First Copy speed 8 seconds full-color, 4.9 seconds B&W
  • Standard duplex with Automatic Reversing Document Feeder
  • Max copy size 11~ x 17~, full bleed on 12~ x 18~
  • Output onto letterhead, transparencies and special select stocks up to 12~ X 18~
  • Scan once, print many
Print Features
  • Standard interface 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet (RJ-45), USB 2.0
  • Full finishing capability with optional finishers
  • Output speed 35-ppm full color and black and white
  • Maximum print resolution 2,400 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi
Scanner Features
  • Scanning speed up to 63-ipm B&W, 58-ipm full-color
  • Maximum scan size 11~ x 17~
  • Scan-to-Email (with LDAP support), Scan-to-folder, Scan-to-URL


General Specifications
Auto DuplexStandard
Copy Size11~ x 17~ max (full bleed on 12~ x 18~)
Copy/Print/Scan Resolution600 x 600 dpi
Exposure GlassUp to 11~ x 17~
Multiple CopiesUp to 999 copies
Paper SizesFirst Paper Tray: 8.5~ x 11~
Second Paper Tray/Paper Bank: 7.25~ x 10.5~~11~ x 17~
Bypass Tray: Width: 3.5~~12~, Length: 5.8~ x 18~ (12~ x 18~ max)
Large Capacity Tray: 8.5~ x 11~
Paper TypePlain paper, laser printer qualified transparencies, labels, envelopes
Power Consumption1,440 Watts maximum
Power Requirements120V, 12A, 60Hz
Preset Enlargement Ratios400%, 200%, 155%, 129%, 121%
Preset Reduction Ratios93%, 85%, 78%, 73%, 65%, 50%, 25%
Warm-Up TimeLess than 45 seconds
Zoom25%~400% in 1% increments
Dimensions (W x D x H)26.4" x 26.7" x 30" (670 x 677 x 760mm)
Document FeederAutomatic Reversing Document Feeder (ARDF)- Standard
Original Capacity: 100 sheets
Paper Size: 5.5~ x 8.5~~11~ x 17~
Paper Weight: Simplex: 11 lb.~34 lb. Bond (40~128 g/m2); Duplex: 14 lb.~28 lb. Bond (52~128 g/m2)
Dimensions: 22.4~ x 20.5~ x 5.3~
First Copy TimeFull-Color: 8 secs; B&W 4.9 secs
Input CapacityMaximum: 3,100 sheets (with LCT)
Standard: 2 x 500 sheets + 100-sheet Bypass Tray
Output CapacityStandard: 500 sheets Face Down; Max: 3,625 sheets (with 3,000-sheet Finisher and Inner 1-Bin Tray)
Output Speed35-ppm B&W and Full-Color
Paper WeightsStandard Trays/Paper Bank/Large Capacity Tray: 16~57 lb. Bond; 120 lb. Index (60~216 g/m2)
Bypass Tray: 14~67 lb. Bond; 140 lb. Index (60~253 g/m2) (Source for Labels, OHP)
Duplex Unit: 16~45 lb. Bond; 90 lb. Index (60~169 g/m2)
Printing ProcessDry Electrostatic Transfer with Dual Component Development; 4-Drum Method
Weight287 lb. (130kg) with ARDF

Printer Controller Specifications (Standard)

Network/OSWindows 95/98SE/NT4.0/2000/ Me/XP/Server 2003
Novell NetWare 3.12, 3.2, 4.1, 4.11, 5.0, 5.1, 6, 6.5
UNIX filters for Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SCO OpenServer, RedHat Linux, and IBM AIX
MAC OS 8.6-9.2x; OS X 10.1+
Standard Interfaces10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet (RJ-45), USB 2.0
UtilitiesSmartDeviceMonitor for Admin and Client; Web SmartDeviceMonitor; Web Image Monitor; DeskTopBinder Lite; Print Utility for MAC (w/Adobe PS3 opt.)
CPURM7935 @ 835MHz, Embedded
Max Print Resolution2400 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi
Max Print Speed35-ppm B&W & Full-Color
Memory1GB RAM & 80GB HDD Standard (Shared)
Optional InterfacesIEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN Interface; Bluetooth Wireless Board; IEEE 1284 Parallel Interface; IEEE 1394; USB Host Interface*
*Required with optional Camera Direct Print Card

Security Specifications

Copy Data Security Unit Type A (Optional)Copies of prints made with this feature will be blacked out or embedded with a watermark to deter illegal copying.
DataOverwriteSecurity System Type D (Optional)Security feature that overwrites latent data on the system~s hard drive after copy, scan, fax and print jobs.
Other Security FeaturesSNMP v3 Authentication and Data Encryption (password/address book encryption); PDF Direct Print Password Protection; Locked (Secure) Print; User Codes; User Authentication; WPA (Wi-Fi Protect Access Support), PDF Encryption

Scanner Specifications
Compression MethodBlack & White: TIFF (MH, MR, MMR), Grayscale, Full-Color: JPEG
Scan AreaMain Scan: 11.7~ (297mm), Sub Scan: 17~ (432mm)
Scan SizeGlass: 11~ x 17~, 8.5~ x 14~, 8.5~ x 11~
Scan-to modes supportedScan-to-Email (with LDAP support)
Scan-to-Folder (SMB/FTP/NCP)
Network TWAIN scanning
Scan ModeStandard: BW Text, BW Text/LineArt, BW Text/Photo, BW Photo, Grayscale, FC Text/Photo, FC Glossy Photo Opt: ACS (w/Opt. File Format Converter)
Scanning ResolutionMonochrome Mode: 100~600 dpi (1200 dpi for TWAIN) Full-Color Mode: 100~600 dpi Default Setting: 200 dpi
Scanning Speed63-ipm Black & White; 38-ipm Full-Color (200 dpi via ARDF)*
* FC scan speed is 58-ipm with optional file format converter

Document Server Specifications
Capacity80GB (shared w/other functions)
Max. Pages/Document9,000 pages
Max. Stored Documents2,000 documents
Max. Stored Pages9,000 pages

Facsimile Specifications (Standard) Fax Option Type 4500
Additional Modes SupportedInternet Fax by E-mail (T.37); IP Fax (T.38); LAN Fax; Fax Forward to E-mail/Folder; LDAP Support
Auto Dials2,000 Quick Dials, 100 Group Dials (500 locations each)
CircuitPSTN, PBX
Compression MethodMH, MR, MMR, JBIG
Memory Capacity4MB (approximately 320 pages); Maximum 28MB (2,240 pages)
Modem Speed33.6K~2,400bps w/Auto Fallback
OptionsAdditional G3 Lines (up to 3); Fax SAF Memory (32MB SD-RAM); Telephone Handset
Resolution200 x 100 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi (with optional SAF memory)
Scan Speed0.7 seconds/page (standard/Detail Mode)
1.3 seconds/page (Super Fine Mode)
Transmission SpeedG3: Approximately 2 seconds/page w/JBIG)
G3: Approximately 3 seconds/page (w/MMR)
TypeITU-T (CCITT) G3, Additional G3 (optional)

Accessories Two-Tray Paper Bank
Paper Capacity1,000 sheets (500 x 2)
Paper Sizes7.25~ x 10.5~~11~ x 17~
Paper Weights16~57 lb. Bond/120 lb. Index (60~216 g/m2)

Large Capacity Tray
Paper Capacity2,000 sheets (Tandem Tray: 1,000 x 2)
Paper Sizes8.5~ x 11~
Paper Weights16~57 lb. Bond/120 lb. Index (60~216 g/m2)

3,000 Sheet Finisher (SR3030)
Paper Sizes5.5~ x 8.5~~12~ x 18~
Paper WeightsShift Tray: 14lb. Bond-90 lb. Index (64~163 g/m2); Proof Tray: 14lb. Bond-140 lb. Index (52~256 g/m2)
Stack CapacityProof Tray: 250 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller), 50 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger); Shift Tray: 3,000 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ LEF), 1,500 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger, 8.5" x 11" SEF)
Staple Capacity50 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller)
30 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger)
Staple Paper Sizes8.5~ x 11~~12~ x 18~
Staple Positions1 stpl/3 positions; 2 stpl/1 position

2,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher (SR3020)

Paper Sizes5.5~ x 8.5~~11~ x 17~, 12~ x 18~
Paper WeightsUpper Proof Tray: 14lb. Bond- 90lb. Index (52~163 g/m2); Lower Shift Tray: 14lb. Bond-140 lb. Index (52~256 g/m2)
Paper CapacityUpper Proof Tray: 250 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller), 50 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger); Lower Shift Tray: 2,000 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller), 1,000 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger)
Staple Capacity50 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller), 30 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger) Saddle Stitch: 15 sheets (up to 60 pages)
Staple Paper Sizes8.5~ x 11~ to 11~ x 17~, 12" x 18"
Staple Positions1 stpl/3 position; 2 stpl/2 position

1000-Sheet Finisher (SR790)
Paper Sizes5.5~ x 8.5~~12~ x 18~
Paper WeightsShift Tray: 17~43 lb. Bond /90 lb. Index (64~163 g/m2); Proof Tray: 14~68 lb. Bond / 140 lb. Index (52~256 g/m2)
Stack CapacityProof Tray: 250 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller), 50 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger); Shift Tray: 1,000 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller), 500 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger)
Staple Capacity50 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller)

30 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger)
Staple Paper Sizes8.5~ x 11~~12~ x 18~
Staple Positions1 stpl/2 position; 2 stpl/3 position
*Requires Bridge Unit

Internal Shift Sort Tray
Paper Capacity250 sheets (8.5~ x 11~ or smaller)
125 sheets (8.5~ x 14~ or larger)
Paper Sizes5.5~ x 8.5~~12~ x 17~
Paper Weights14~67 lb. Bond/140 lb. Index (52~253 g/m2)
*Internal Shift Sort Tray cannot be installed with a finisher

Additional Options
Additional AccessoriesFile Format Converter; Key Counter Bracket; Optional Counter Interface Unit; VM Card for Embedded Software Architecture Application; Camera Direct Print Card