Winterm 2315

  Thin Clients 

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Winterm 2315SE

The Modular Winterm Terminal That Brings Thin-Client Technology to Multiuser Windows NT

Wyse Winterm Windows-based terminals deliver server performance to the desktop in devices with the simplicity and durability of a phone. Wyse thin clients combine rapid, easy access to 32-bit Windows-, browser-, and Java-based applications with integrated terminal emulation capabilities that enable rapid deployment of mission-critical applications. They are virus-proof and Year 2000 compliant, assure high data and hardware security and deliver a very low cost of ownership.

The Winterm model 2315SE is a cost-effective, modular terminal for users who have limited space, or want to match an existing or new monitor to specific user needs. These thin clients have a tiny footprint, an attractive design, and can be wall mounted. They are ideal in high-traffic areas such as retail POS and reservations desks. In the home office, they can access remote servers using standard modems. The Winterm 2315SE comes with fully integrated 16-bit stereo sound capability. It is the first Winterm model
designed to accommodate future migration.

Administrators prefer Winterm terminals because they can be set up in five minutes and added quickly to the network. They boot locally, yet can be centrally administered and scripted to link up to 32 users, with unique configurations, to up to 32 servers, with automatic fail-over.

Winterm terminals built-in VT220, VT100, and VT52 ANSI terminal emulations make them ideal as character terminal replacements, ready for integration with Windows NT.

  • Displays Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and DOS (text) applications via multiuser Windows NT servers
  • Modular design connects to any VESA standard 9- through 21-inch monitor
  • Centralized administrative software control
  • Local or remote Internet- and intranet-based applications
  • ICA 3 protocol compliant
  • RDP protocol optional
  • VT220, VT100, and VT52 emulations
  • Dual high-speed serial ports
  • Bidirectional parallel port
  • PCMCIA Type II slot
  • 10BaseT Ethernet
  • Token ring optional
  • 16-bit audio support
  • Works with Citrix WinFrame or Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition with Citrix MetaFrame
  • Delivers the number-one application base to users
  • Freedom to choose the monitor that best suits your needs
  • Dramatically decreases administrative costs and upgrade requirements
  • Supports rapid deployment of current and future applications
  • Plug and play with ICA-compliant software
  • Support for mag swipe, touchscreen, and advanced serial peripherals
  • Local printer support
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Delivers stereo sound to the user
  • Quiet, durable, reliable