Winterm 2500

  Thin Clients 

Winterm 2500
Winterm 2500T*

Color Windows-based Terminals

Wyse Technology is proud to deliver the world's first family of intranet- and Internet-compatible Microsoft Windows-centric thin clients. This new family of award-winning, advanced devices is a powerful business alternative to personal computers, offering greater cost efficiency, improved ease of use, information systems data security as well as network manageability.

Of the Wyse Winterm desktop family, the Winterm 2500 is the device that puts Windows applications inexpensively -- and in color -- on the desktop. The Winterm 2500 is ideal for all office automation tasks, and the premium device for point of sale, transaction processing, remote-site Internet access and database applications.

  • Displays Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and DOS applications via multiuser Windows NT application servers
  • >Designed for local, remote, intranet- and Internet-based applications
  • A complete desktop solution with integrated display
  • Super VGA-resolution color display with 75 Hz flicker-free screen refresh
  • Digital on-screen display
  • Citrix ICA 3 protocol-compliant
  • Dual high-speed serial ports
  • >Optional network interface
  • Quiet (no fan or moving parts)
  • Small footprint
*The Winterm 2500T adds 10BaseT networking.
  • Lowest-cost method to deploy Windows applications to local and remote desktops
  • User operation without usual PC software or hardware "maintenance"
  • Suitability for virtually all office automation tasks
  • Cost-effective acquisition and maintenance
  • True ease of use
  • Secure data access
  • Exceptional reliability