Winterm 2600SE

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Winterm 2600SE
Winterm 2600SE

The first flat-panel Winterm thin client that combines ergonomic design with a high-quality, active-matrix LCD display.

The Wyse WintermTM thin-client family delivers the broadest range of innovative, cost-effective terminals for accessing 32-bit Windows-, Java-, and browser-based applications. Winterm thin clients combine the ease of management and inherent security of a terminal environment with the application and performance capabilities of desktop PCs.

Designed for discerning, high-profile computer users with limited desk space, the Winterm 2600SE offers a rare combination of space savings, performance, versatility, and ergonomic design. The first flat-panel Windows-based terminal, the Winterm 2600SE comes equipped with a high-performance active-matrix LCD display to provide a bright, clear picture from all angles.

With its integrated LCD display, the Winterm 2600SE is also the easy solution for meeting the emission-free requirements of medical and other environments. And with its unique set of mounting options, the Winterm 2600SE can be placed on the desktop, attached to a rolling cart, or mounted on the wall to provide maximum visibility with minimum footprint. This innovative thin client also works effectively in restaurants, libraries, or manufacturing environments with the addition of optional touchscreens that work with a stylus or simply the touch of a finger.

  • >Provides access to Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and DOS (text) applications via multiuser Windows NT application servers
  • >12.1-inch viewable active-matrix LCD display provides 256-color capability with an 800 x 600 pixel, flicker-free SVGA format refresh
  • >PCMCIA Type II Slot
  • >10BaseT Ethernet
  • >Token ring optional
  • >Stylish, space-saving, ergonomic design for desk, wall, or custom mounting
  • >Optional resistive touchscreen
  • >Field-installable magnetic stripe reader
  • >Elegant design for "high-image" applications with optimum space efficiency. Standard product includes both desk-mount pedestal and wall-mount bracket
  • >Cost-effective deployment of Windows applications to local and remote desktops
  • >Works with Citrix WinFrame-based or Microsoft Windows- based Terminal Server, version 4.0 (formerly "Hydra"]
  • >Superb video performance with wide viewing angle display
  • >Optional touchscreen support for high-visibility kiosk and special environment applications
  • >Optional dual-track magnetic strip reads credit cards or ID badges with ease