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CLI ST6500x Thin Client (Dual Video)


Dual-Video Ready Highest-Performance Windows XP Embedded Thin Client
Dual-Video Ready Highest-Performance Windows XP Embedded Thin Client With Built-In Wireless

  • Integrated VGA and DVI video ports - No video splitter cable needed
  • Optional Integrated 802.11b/g Wireless adapter
  • Zero-footprint / VESA compatible or vertical mounting options
  • Highest-performance CPU provides increased speed and productivity
  • Sturdy metal enclosure, and no fan or other moving parts for quiet operation and high reliability
  • Industry-standard Microsoft Windows XP Embedded SP2 FR1, including the latest Windows technologies
  • Flexibility to embed customer selected Windows Apps
  • Special builds available such as Kiosk, .Net, Firefox, IE7, Sun Java JVM/JRE, MSOffice Viewers and others
  • The CLI SNMP Administrator Management software is included with every unit. Rapidly deploy, configure, provision and maintain all models of CLI thin clients, wired or wireless, improving your ROI