Winterm 2700

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Winterm 2700

Winterm 2700
Winterm 2700T*
Winterm 2700SE*

High-performance Windows-based Terminal

The WintermTM series of award-winning advanced thin clients is a powerful business alternative to character terminals and personal computers for better cost efficiency, improved ease of use, and superior information systems data security. These new Winterm desktops seamlessly integrate access to both Windows-based and legacy applications, including the newest Internet and intranet appliations. Designed for users who need a simple terminal-footprint device, the Winterm 2700 is the performance-oriented solution to provide Windows applications to the desktop.

  • >Display Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and DOS (text) applications via multiuser Windows NT applications servers
  • >15-inch 1024 x 768 pixel resolution Super VGA color display with 75 Hz flicker-free refresh
  • >Centralized administrative software control
  • >Digital OSD controls
  • >Local or remote Internet- and intranet-based applications
  • >ICA 3 protocol-compliant
  • >Optional network interfaces
  • >Dual high-speed serial ports
  • >Bi-directional parallel port
*The Winterm 2700T adds 10BaseT networking. The Winterm 2700SE provides all the features of the Winterm 2300T and adds an integrated PCMCIA Type II slot.
  • >Delivers the number-one application base to users
  • >Simple terminal-footprint device
  • >Dramatically decreases administrative costs and upgrade requirements
  • >Simple digital controls
  • >Designed to support current and future applications
  • >Plug and play with ICA-compliant software packages
  • >Multiple connectivity options
  • >Support for magstrip and advanced serial peripherals
  • >Local printer support