IBM Infoprint 2000 (2710) family


The IBM Infoprint 2000 is a high-end, 110-page-per-minute, cut-sheet publishing system.

2710-RP1 (click for details) The IBM 2710 Model RP1 is a high speed multifunctional digital duplicator with upgradable features to include network connectivity and is aimed at the corporate reprographics centers, in-plant print shops and the print for pay market.

2710-NP1 (click for details) The IBM 2710 Model NP1 is a high speed PostScript, PCL, and PDF printer with upgradable features to include production copying capabilities and is aimed at the large office workgroup, and data center environments where PostScript and PCL are the predominant data streams.

2710-DP1 (click for details) The IBM 2710-DP1 is aimed at the data center environment where IPDS or the Xerox native datastream (LCDS/Metacode) is the predominant production datastream.

2710-MS1 (Click for details) The IBM 2710 Infoprint 2000 Multifunctional System Printer Model MS1 replaces the NP1, RP1, and non-Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) DP1 models. Model MS1 can be configured as a high-speed duplicator or production printer when network or channel attached to a host delivering PCL 5/6, PostScript level 3, or Line Condition Datastream (LCDS)/Metacode datastreams. Host attachment for Model MS1 is available using 10/100BaseT Ethernet. System/370 Parallel or ESCON Channel is available through the BARR or Sun hardware.

2710-AF1 (Click for details) The IBM 2710 Infoprint 2000 Advanced Function Printer Model AF1 replaces the Model DP1 that has IPDS installed. The Model AF1 is intended as a network or channel attached production printer supporting IPDS via the Advanced Function Common Control Unit (AFCCU). The IPDS Microcode Upgrade adds support for continuous Output between the Finisher and High Capacity Stacker; Post-fuser Inserter Module; FICON channel attachment; new paper sizes: 8x10, 8.5x10, RA4, RA3, 14x17, 12x18, and 14x18; and selectable IP addresses.

After December 14, 2001, IPDS Microcode Upgrade will be shipped as standard on all AF1 models. However, for AF1 printers shipped prior to that date feature number 4255 must be ordered to allow field installation of the upgrade code.

The additional flexibility of the Infoprint 2000 gives you the ability to create professional quality documents, even with complex multistock composition, at speeds up to 110 pages per minute.

This professional publishing system includes:

  • 600 dots-per-inch (dpi) print quality with print volumes of up to 2 million impressions per month
  • Three input drawers with a total capacity for 4,000 sheets and a 3,000 sheet Finisher as standard
  • Optional additional 4,000-sheet paper feeder and 5,000-sheet high capacity stacker
  • Optional ability to perform post-fuser insertion of preprinted or color pages into the finished document
  • Finishing options that, depending on the model selected, include a stapler, stitcher, and Bookletmaker
  • Support for a wide selection of paper weights and sizes
  • The ability to process content rich pages, including statements with logos, business graphics, and signatures using the features of Advanced Function Printing (AFP)
Model Summary Matrix
Model Intended Use Datastreams Supported
----- ----------------------------------------- ---------------------
RP1 High speed cut sheet production publisher -
NP1 High speed cut sheet production publisher -
DP1 High speed cut sheet production publisher -
MS1 Multifunctional System Printer PCL/PostScript/LCDS
AF1 Advanced Function Printing IPDS

Model Conversions
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