Decision Data 3020 Controller


Image: 3020 Remote Controller

Decision Data 3020 Remote Controller

Mix devices and support multiple hosts
The Decision Data Model 3020 emulates an IBM 5494 Remote Control Unit. With support for up to 136 devices, you can mix Twinax, ASCII, and Token Ring-attached devices. Up to two host attachments are provided for AS/400 connectivity using SDLC and X.25 protocols at speeds up to 56 Kbps with a RS-232 interface, and up to 128 Kbps using V.35 or X.21 interfaces. Mix devices on the controller using Twinax or ASCII adapters to support a maximum of 56 Twinax and 24 ASCII devices. With a built-in library of over 20 emulators available, ASCII devices have access to 5250 host sessions. Support is extended to remote users through dial-in PCs using PC Support/400 and Client Access/400.

Assures full LAN/WAN connectivity
The 3020's connectivity is complemented by full LAN and WAN support. Support for Token Ring downstream physical unit (DSPU) attachment enhances host access for a total of 56 Twinax or 24 ASCII users. Token Ring gateway capabilities provide access to AS/400 host applications for up to 56 Twinax attached terminals and up to 80 Token Ring devices. For WAN connectivity, the Model 3020 provides access to SDLC and X.25 networks.

Delivers affordable, full-featured support
The Model 3020 is compatible with a variety of IBM programs such as OfficeVision/400, DisplayWrite/36, and Text Management/38. Users get the benefits of 132-column display support, IPDS datastream, and typehead. Additional system flexibility is provided through support for magnetic stripe readers and light pen applications. Remote file transfer capabilities using PC Support, Client Access, and IBM Emulation allow you to access applications without additional software costs.

Simplifies network management
Designed for maximum flexibility, the Model 3020 allows you to customize configurations either from a terminal directly attached to the controller or through a PC using a DOS-based configuration utility. A standard 3.5" diskette drive is used to store device, keyboard, and communication configuration parameters. Diagnostics available from the front panel display, plus error logs, simplify problem determination. Multiple LED displays keep you informed on system status during startup and operation. Error conditions are displayed for the operator and logged for future reference.