Decision Data 3036 Controller


Model 3036

Remote Controller Model 3036

The Decision Data Model 3036 is designed for System 36 and Advanced Series 36 remote connectivity environments. It is a 5294/5394 compatible Remote Controller with expanded 5250 device support. The 3036 supports up to 28 Twinax devices and logic sessions emulating a 5294 or 5394 Remote Controller. It incorporates Multiple Physical Unit capability, enabling it to be configured as one to four, seven device 5294 controllers.


  • Designed for System 36 and AS/36 environments
  • Migration path to AS/400 via 5394 emulation
  • 4 Twinax ports provide easy cabling options
  • Emulates up to four 5294/5394 controllers
  • Supports up to 28 Twinax devices
  • Automatic device mapping feature provides simple configuration
Complete Emulation and Flexibility
The 3036 provides complete 5294 and 5394 emulation support for IBM System 36, System 38 and AS/400 host. Its four Twinax ports provide flexibility in cabling options since each port supports seven devices. The 3036 was designed with flexibility in mind. Its ability to emulate a 5394 remote control unit offers customers investment protection because it can migrate to the AS/400.

Multiple Session Support
The 3036 supports up to 28 non-programmable sessions. Up to four sessions can be supported in one Twinax terminal, allowing the user to hot key between sessions.

Configuration Tools
Powerful but simplistic configuration tools make the 3036, like all Decision Data Controllers, easy to use.

  • On-line, menu driven configuration makes the controller installation quick and easy to use.
  • A Windows based off-line configuration utility is also provided and allows the 3036 to be configured off-line. This is very useful for multiple remote sites.
Program Compatibility
Remote file transfer using PC Support or Client Access enables remote Twinax attached PC's to communicate with IBM hosts. The 3036 is also compatible with a variety of IBM programs such as DisplayWrite/36, Text Management/36 and Office Version/400.