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HP P3015 Parts


1 Tag holder assembly RM1-6284-000CN

2 Laser/scanner RM1-6322-000CN

3 Photo interrupter, TLP1243 WG8-5696-000CN

4 Stopper, bushing arm RC2-7933-000CN

5 Cable, flat RK2-3103-000CN
1 Tray 1 solenoid RK2-1490-000CN

2 Tray 2 solenoid RK2-1492-000CN
1 Registration roller assembly RM1-6272-000CN

2 Roller, multipurpose RL1-2412-000CN

3 Transfer lower guide assembly RM1-6315-000CN

4 Cassette RM1-6279-000CN

5 Base plate roller assembly RM1-6306-000CN

6 Roller, transfer RM1-6321-000CN

7 Pad, multipurpose separation RC2-8575-000CN

8 Separation holder assembly RM1-6303-000CN
1 Fan, sub RK2-1499-000CN

2 Lower paper feed guide; duplex models RM1-6263-000CN

3 Paper-feed guide assembly RM1-6270-000CN

4 Position-guide assembly; duplex models RM1-6273-000CN

5 High-voltage power supply; duplex models RM1-6280-000CN

5 High-voltage power supply; simplex models RM1-6300-000CN

6 TOP sensor PCA RM1-6511-000CN

7 Paper width sensor PCA RM1-6512-000CN

8 Switch assembly, power RM1-6283-000CN

9 Cable, flat RK2-3101-000CN
1 Fan, main RK2-1497-000CN

2 Cassette, paper pickup assembly; duplex models RM1-6268-000CN

2 Cassette, paper pickup assembly; simplex models RM1-6299-000CN

3 Idler roller assembly RM1-6271-000CN

4 Multipurpose sensor PCA RM1-6510-000CN

5 Fuser assembly 110V RM1-6274-000CN

6 Engine controller PCA 110V RM1-6281-000CN

7 Front USB PCA RM1-6514-000CN

8 Microswitch WC4-5171-000CN

9 Environmental sensor assembly RM1-6515-000CN

10 Cassette pickup roller RM1-6313-000CN

11 Cable, flat RK2-2788-000CN
1 Tray sensor PCA RM1-6487-000CN

2 Fuser motor assembly RM1-6296-000CN

3 Paper delivery roller assembly RM1-6301-000CN

4 Face-down roller assembly RM1-6311-000CN

5 Photo interrupter, TLP1243 WG8-5696-000CN