Winterm 3315SE

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Winterm 3315SE

Wyse Technology is the first Windows-based terminal manufacturer to earn the "Powered by Micorsoft Windows CEWindows-based terminal" logo. The Winterm 3000 series sets the standard for unparalleled features including seamless implementation of Windows NT-based transaction processing applications, multiple sessions, and multiple-protocol access to Windows and legacy applications, all based on the Windows CE operating system. Administrators have the freedom to choose the protocol that best fits their needs. They can select an end-to-end Microsoft solution using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or take advantage of the Citrix ICA protocol through Citrix MetaFrame or WinFrame server software.

The Winterm 3315SE modular Windows-based terminal is for users who have limited space, or who want to match an existing or a new monitor to specific needs. These terminals have a tiny footprint, an attractive design, and can be wall mounted. They are ideal in high-traffic areas such as retail POS and reservations desks. The Winterm 3315SE comes with fully integrated 16-bit stereo sound capability. Administrators prefer Winterm terminals because they can be set up and added to the network quickly using the simple set up wizard.

Wyse Technology is a world leader in Windows-based terminals. Since 1981 Wyse has placed nearly nine million thin clients worldwide and is the world's leading supplier of general purpose terminals. The Winterm 3000 series benefits from this rich heritage of adherence to standards, system compatibility, and system dependability.

  • >Works seamlessly with Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition or Citrix WinFrame to display Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and DOS (text) applications via multiuser Windows NT servers
  • >Supports ICA and RDP protocols
  • >Supports VT220
  • >Modular design connects to any VESA standard 9- through 21-inch monitor
  • >Multiple protocol/multiple session support
  • >Simple device-management capabilities
  • >PCMCIA Type II slot
  • >10BaseT Ethernet
  • >16-bit audio support
  • >Delivers the number-one application base to users
  • >Gives administrators the flexibility to choose the protocol that fits their needs
  • >Delivers simple migration from character-based to GUI-based terminals
  • >Freedom to choose the monitor that best suits your needs
  • >Increased productivity through multiple connections
  • >Easier to manage than other sophisticated desktop devices
  • >Convenient connection options through PCMCIA card
  • >Simple connectivity to ethernet
  • >Delivers stereo sound to the user through Citrix MetaFrame
  • >Quiet, durable, reliable