Winterm 3350SSE

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Winterm 3350SE

The Winterm 3350SE features seamless implementation of Windows NT-based applications, concurrent multiple sessions, and simultaneous multiprotocol access to Windows NT and legacy servers, all based on an industry-standard operating system Windows CE for Windows-based terminals. These compact, modular Windows-based terminals come preloaded with both RDP and ICA 3 clients, and a wide variety of terminal emulations, including Wyse, IBM, and DEC personalities.

Friendly setup wizards make installation simple and quick, allowing new users to be up and running in minutes instead of hours.

The Winterm 3350SE supports industry-standard network management strategies, including SNMP and DHCP, allowing for remote configuration management, firmware upgrades, and asset management. With no moving parts like a fan or hard disk, these units require virtually no maintenance.

The processor provides the Winterm 3350SE high-resolution graphics and processing speed previously only available with a PC. Wyse Technology wants to be your desktop choice. For simplicity at the desktop, easier manageability, higher security, and reduced total cost of ownership, a Wyse Winterm Windows-based terminal is your answer.

  • Microsoft Windows CE for Windows-based terminals operating system
  • 200 MHz processor
  • Multiple terminal emulations standard
  • Modular design connects to any VESA standard monitor
  • Supports RDP and ICA 3 protocols
  • Supports VT220
  • Multiple session support
  • Two serial, one parallel, and two USB ports
  • 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet
  • Convection cooled; no moving parts
  • Supports SNMP, DHCP, asset management
  • Centrally managed and configurable
  • Industry-standard operating system
  • The power to support multimedia demands
  • Delivers simple integration of legacy systems with Windows NT Server-based systems
  • Freedom to choose the monitor that best suits your needs
  • Gives administrators the flexibility to choose the protocol that fits their needs
  • Increased productivity
  • Convenient connection options
  • Quiet, durable, reliable; low electricity use
  • Works with all major industry-standard network management software packages
  • Permits remote monitoring, firmware upgrades, reconfiguration, and customized configurations ither from administration server or from other desktops

  • The Winterm 3350SE achieves new standards for speed and power. The Cyrix Media Gx processor provides the Winterm 3350SE high-resolution graphics and processing speed previously only available with a PC.