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Unisys AP1371


Unisys AP1371 Printer Information

Technology: Dot matrix
Paper: Cutsheet and continuous forms. It can handle full-width paper
Maximum Speed: 330 LPM/540 pages per hour and 150 CPS in NLQ mode
Resolution: 18 pin
Supported PDLs EpsonFX
Connections:Centronics and RS232

Notable Features: Heavy duty-can function as a low-end line printer with multiple paper paths, automatic paper thickness compensation, multiple languages on control panel, zero tear-off function, automatic paper loading, multiple fonts, color, optional floor stands or desk stand, and MTBF of 10,000 hours

Device Driver
The built-in AP1371 EPSONFX device driver supports the AP1371 printer.
Recommended Printer Configuration
When you configure an AP1371 printer for use with the Print System, use the PS CONFIGURE LIKE command to assign the recommended configuration values. The EXAMPLE/PRINT/PRINTERS file contains configuration examples for all supported printers and is suitable for use with the PS LOAD command. To configure an AP1371 printer, using the name LP20, enter PS CONFIGURE LP20 LIKE EXAMPLE/PRINTER/AP1371

Supported Character Sets
The AP1371 printer can print using the following EXTMODE character sets:

Alternate PAGECOMP Declaration
The following is an alternate PAGECOMP declaration that you can use instead of the
PAGECOMP entry in the example: