IBM Infoprint 4000 ID5 & ID6 Series


IBM Infoprint 4000 Models ID5/ID6 : Advanced Function Duplex Printing System

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  • Choose 480/600 dpi resolution (operator switchable) for excellent print quality with no application changes
  • Help enhance company image with improved print quality
  • Produce documents at up to 1002 impressions (2-up duplex, letter-size) or 944 impressions (2-up duplex,ISO A4) per minute
  • Achieve application
  • Flexibility with leading-edge AFCCU controller
  • Improve usability and productivity with Enhanced Operator Console
  • Extend user and management control and functionality with unique Infoprint Operations Architecture
  • Protect existing investment with upgrade option
  • EuroReady

The high speed and high reliability of the IBM Infoprint 4000 Advanced Function Duplex Printing System is now enhanced with even better print quality. The new Infoprint models (ID5/ID6) offer you a choice of 480/600 dpi switchable resolution. Even at the high throughput of 1,002 impressions per minute, you can choose the optimum output resolution to print 240, 300 or 600 dpi input datastreams. Coupled with IBM-exclusive Print Quality Enhancement (PQE) techniques, the new system provides sharper, clearer text and business graphics.

The system's expanded functionality and user-friendly controls's expanded functionality and user-friendly controls can improve your ability to meet production deadlines for statements, policies, reports, and other documentation.

Create high-value statements efficiently

Leveraging the excellent print quality of the Infoprint 4000, you can create attractive, highly readable statements by customizing content to appeal to the interest of the individual customer. With this ability to produce high impact statements, you can help enhance your company's image and boost competitive advantage.

Capitalize on a leading-edge controller

The new, more powerful Advanced Function Common Control Unit (AFCCU) helps ensure speedy, reliable throughput, outstanding connectivity and versatile pre- and post-processing interface capabilities.

The enhanced control unit provides black and white grayscale support1 for Advanced Function Printing (AFP) color objects (images, graphics and text). This new capability can help:

  • Save application development costs by creating a single AFP application for high-quality printing on both AFP color and black-and-white printers
  • Maximize customer relationship management and audience segmentation opportunities with color or black-and-white statements
  • Gain the flexibility to schedule statement printing across color and black-and-white printers at peak times

Improved operational control

To improve operator productivity, output quality and printer utilization, Infoprint Operations Architecture includes:

  • Operator Control: Define and store optimum print settings such as "contrast" and "fusing temperature" for each form, to help ensure consistent print quality and reduce the guesswork of manual settings
  • Forms Management: Improve forms handling and paper path management with the ability to handle forms up to 28 inches in length and provide better fusing quality for a variety of forms. Expedite job separation and post-processing operations with more visible job-end marks and perforation marks for perf-less paper
  • Form Identification: Minimize reprint costs by verifying that the correct form is loaded for a print job 2
  • Simple Network Management Protocol: Increase printer utilization by monitoring printers remotely or by automatically receiving printer alert notifications, such as "out of paper" or "out of toner"
  • Fidelity Manager: Improve print quality and operator productivity by running a test job that automatically synchronizes the optical density (darkness) of front and back sides of a page

Navigate with ease

Improve productivity and ease of use with the Enhanced Operator Console, which includes a keyboard and a mouse. A large, touch-screen, flat panel display provides a clear, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)3

  • Reduce the number of steps an operator must perform to complete a task by simplifying current Infoprint 4000 menus and customizing "hot keys" for frequently used functions
  • Improve operator productivity by monitoring printer and consumables usage status in graphical form
  • Control the tasks that operators are allowed to perform with customizable privileges
  • Access many "Help" functions in graphical form for easier interpretation and gain efficiency by using hypertext links to cross-reference related "Help" function text

Protect your investment

As your business grows and changes, IBM can help you meet your output requirements with upgrade options. Currently installed wide models of IBM 3900 or 4000 Simplex or Duplex printers can be upgraded to the new Infoprint 4000 Duplex Printing Systems.


This product, when used in accordance with its associated documentation, is capable of correctly processing monetary data in the euro denomination and of respecting the euro currency formatting conventions (including the euro symbol).

Add value to statements for high impact

  • Create more appealing statements for your customer. Cross-sell products or services, build loyalty, reinforce brand image and help reduce costs. Boost customer service and retention.
  • Optimize statement readability with the enhanced print quality of the new Infoprint 4000, which can deliver crisp, clear text, even in small font sizes.
  • Present graphics and relevant information more effectively with improved print quality. Include content designed to communicate data "at a glance" investment pie charts, utility usage bar charts and selective marketing graphs or pictures.
  • The Infoprint 4000 combines high resolution with exceptional throughput to give you flexible, high-value statement production.

Service, Support and Supplies

The Infoprint 4000 system features new polyester enhanced printing supplies that contribute to improved system printing performance. IBM provides 7x24 access to broad service and support options worldwide.

For more information

To learn more about the new Infoprint 4000 Advanced Function Duplex Printing System, contact your local IBM Printing Systems representative or visit

IBM Infoprint 4000 AFP Duplex System Models ID5/ID6at a glance

Print Speed(up to)
ID5 or ID6 Dual Simplex:
1-up 8.5" x 11": 324 ipm
1-up ISO A4: 330 ipm
2-up 8.5" x 11": 501 ipm
2-up ISO A4 324: 472 ipm

ID5/ID6 Duplex:
1-up 8.5" x 11": 648 ipm
1-up ISO A4: 660 ipm
2-up 8.5" x 11": 1,002 ipm
2-up ISO A4 324: 944 ipm

Usage (max./mo. in millions)*
ID5 or ID6 Dual Simplex:
1-up 8.5" x 11": 8.0 ipm
1-up ISO A4: 330 8.1pm
2-up 8.5" x 11": 12.3 ipm
2-up ISO A4 324: 11.5 ipm

ID5/ID6 Duplex
1-up 8.5" x 11": 16.0 ipm
1-up ISO A4: 16.2 ipm
2-up 8.5" x 11": 24.6 ipm
2-up ISO A4 324: 23.0 ipm

Paper Capacities Input: Up to 16" (406 mm) stack of paper (box) Output: Up to 14" (356 mm) stack of paper. Pre- and Post-Processing Interfaces
allow additional capabilities.

Duplex paper width: 9" to 18" (229 mm to 457 mm)
Dual Simplex paper width: 8" to 18" (203 mm to 457 mm)
Paper length: 3" to 14" (76 mm to 356 mm) standard stacker
Up to 28" (711 mm) with post-processing and Infoprint Forms Management
Paper weight: 16 lb. to 28 lb. (60 gsm to 105 gsm) dual simplex
18 lb. to 28 lb. (68 gsm to 105 gsm) duplex
Paper type: Preprinted or blank fanfold forms, and roll-feed paper

System Attachments S/370 Parallel Channel, S/390 ESCON Channel, Token-Ring, Ethernet, or FDDI

AFP Software Support PSF/MVS, PSF/VM, PSF/VSE, PSF for OS/400, PSF for OS/390, Infoprint Manager for AIX, and Infoprint Manager for NT
and Windows 2000

Standard Features: Resolution: 480 or 600 dpi, Infoprint Operator Control, Grayscale support for AFP color objects1, SNMP Support, Pre- and Post-Processing Interfaces, 1 GB memory, Flat -panel touch-screen Graphical User Interface3, Keyboard and mouse, S/370, ESCON Channel, Token-Ring, Ethernet or FDDI attachment

Options: Infoprint Form Identification2, Infoprint Forms Management, Infoprint Fidelity Manager, Additional Pre- and Post-Processing Interfaces, Advanced Function Post-Processing Interface, Second attachment: S/370 ESCON, Token-Ring, Ethernet or FDDI Dynamic Two-Channel Switching with two S/370 or ESCON Channel attachment

Physical Characteristics:
Length: 92" to 94" (2,339 mm to 2,402 mm) (per engine)
Depth: 38" (955 mm) Height: 59" (1,500 mm)
Weight: ID5: 2,421 lb. (1,101 kg) ID6: 2,510 lb. (1,141 kg)

Power Requirements: 208/220/230/240 VAC/60 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire 380/400/415 VAC/50 Hz, 3-phase, 5-wire 200/220 VAC/50 Hz or 60 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire. Voltage determined by country standards

Power Consumption: 60 Hz: Sleep Mode: 1.85 kVA, Ready mode: 3.53 kVA, Printing with 20 lb paper: 10.8 kVA. 50 Hz: Sleep Mode: 1.85 kVA Ready mode: 3.58 kVA

Environmental Conditions: Permitted ranges: Temperature: 60.8 to 84.2 F (16 to 29 C) Relative Humidity: 20% to 80% Optimal ranges: Temperature: 65 to 75 F (18 to 24 C) Relative Humidity: 40% to 60%. Acoustics: 50/60 Hz 65 dBA (operating) or 58 dBA (idle)

1 While this capability is not available initially, IBM plans to offer grayscale support as a standard feature on Infoprint 4000 IR1/IR2, IR3/IR4, and ID5/ID6 models.

2 While this capability is not available initially, IBM plans to offer the optional Form Identification feature for the entire Infoprint 4000 family, including models ID5/ID6.

3Planned availability date for the enhanced GUI is six months after general availability of this new printing system. This will be a no charge microcode update to the installed Infoprint 4000 ID5/ID6 printing systems. GUI shown is for illustrative purposes only.