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IBM 4212-001


4212-001 IBM Proprinter 24P Model 001


The IBM 4212 Proprinter 24P is a low-cost, narrow-carriage, 24-wire, serial dot-matrix impact printer for attachment to IBM Personal Computer and non-IBM PC hosts. The IBM Proprinter 24P provides excellent letter-quality printing and bidirectional alignment, in addition to high-resolution graphics printing. The IBM Proprinter 24P offers adjustable flat-belt tractors that are easy to load and very reliable. This printer offers a new user-friendly operator panel that can be easily operated by the novice printer user. The low-cost IBM Proprinter 24P has been designed to be a good price-performer for the business workstation environment or home use where the operator/user will have limited printer knowledge. Additional efficiency is provided by the automatic sheet-feed option and the pull tractor option.

Model Abstract 4212-001

The 4212 Model 001 prints as fast as 160 cps at 10 cpi and up to 192 cps at 12 cpi.


  • Provides low-cost, letter-quality printing capability.
  • Provides versatile and reliable paper handling.
  • Facilitates usability -- ease of use.
  • Demonstrates print capability with resident demo.
  • Capable of speeds up to 160 cps at 10 cpi and up to 192 cps at 12 cpi.


User Productivity

The IBM Proprinter 24P provides the user with cut-sheet, continuous-form, and envelope-handling capability. The paper-park feature eliminates the need to reload forms when switching between standard and optional paper-handling methods. The user-friendly operator panel is designed for the operator/user with limited printer knowledge. The IBM Proprinter 24P provides a demo that is easy to invoke and provides a printed page without system attachment.

System Management

The IBM roprinter 24P can attach to IBM PCs and non-IBM PC-compatible systems via a parallel attachment.

Model Description 4212-001

The 4212 Model 001 prints as fast as 160 cps at 10 cpi and up to 192 cps at 12 cpi.


Model Summary Matrix

Model      10 cpi Speed    12 cpi Speed    10 cpi LQ    12 cpi LQ
----- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------
001 160 cps 192 cps 53 cps 64 cps

Customer Setup (CSU)


Technical Description

Physical Specifications

  • Width:
    • 41 cm (16.0 inches)
    • 43 cm (16.75 inches) with knob included
  • Depth: 34 cm (13.5 inches)
  • Height: 13 cm (5.25 inches)
  • Weight: 8.2kg (18.2 pounds)
  • Acoustics: 55 dBA (1 meter from front)
  • Operating Clearance:

    The printer requires 50.8mm (2 inches) at all four sides and top of printer to permit air flow. In addition, an operating clearance of 50.8mm (2 inches) is required at the back of the printer to allow for the interface cable connection.

  • Heat Output:
    • Idle - 70 BTU/hr maximum
    • Operating - 150 BTU/hr maximum
  • High Quality Printing:

    Letter quality text.

    High resolution (180 x 360) all points addressable (APA) graphics.

    Seven resident fonts: Courier, Gothic, Prestige, Orator, Presentor, Script, Draft.

    Seven Pitches: 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 24, PS (All fonts available in all pitches).

  • NLS Support:

    Code pages 850, 437, 860, and 865 are DIP switch selectable. Software selectable code pages are 437, 850, 860, 863, and 865.

  • Speed:
    • 160 CPS at 10 CPI draft
    • 53 CPS at 10 CPI letter quality
    • 192 CPS at 12 CPI draft
    • 64 CPS at 12 CPI letter quality
  • Printhead:
    • 24 wire
    • Average life of 20 M characters
  • Easy to Control Printing:
    • Operator panel selection of fonts and pitches
    • Capability to lock in font and pitch selection from the operator panel
    • Set Line 1 (Top of Form) function
    • Paper parking function
    • Demo print sampler
    • Three alternate functions (eliminates accidental activation)

      Alt + Set Line 1 (sets desired 1st print line)
      Alt + Park/Load (Parks continuous forms)
      Alt + Start/Stop (Activates printer demo)

    • 12 DIP switches for easy parameter selection

      Uni-direction only
      Sheet Feed enable
      Alternate Graphics Mode
      Character set 1 or 2
      Code Page
      Code Page
      Form length
      Auto line feed
      Auto carriage return
      Bi-directional alignment 1
      Bi-directional alignment 2
      Bi-directional alignment 3

  • Versatile Printing:
    • 32K standard print buffer
    • 8.0 inch (203.2m mm) print line
    • Bottom margin: 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) on cut sheet
    • Nine print modes (Modes can be combined)

      Double high
      Double wide
      Double strike
      Italicize (all fonts)

  • Paper Specifications

    Continuous forms:

    • Width: 4 to 9.5 inches (101.6 to 241.3 mm)
    • Width, hole to hole: 3.5 to 9.0 inches (88.9 to 228.6 mm)
    • Length: 3 inches (76.2 mm) to unlimited
    • Thickness (multipart): 0.012 inches (.305mm)

    Single sheets and forms:

    • Width: 3 to 11 inches (76.2 to 279.4 mm)
    • Length: 3 inches (76.2 mm) to unlimited
    • Weight: 15- to 24-pound paper
    • Thickness (single-part): 0.0023 to 0.007 inches (.058 to .178 mm)
    • Thickness (multipart): 0.012 inches (0.305mm) max.


    • Width: 6.0 to 9.5 inches (152.4 to 241.3 mm)
    • Length: 3.5 to 4.375 inches (88.9 to 111 mm)
    • Maximum weight: 24-pound paper
    • Maximum thickness: 0.021 inches (0.53mm)

    Multipart form printing:

    3-part (original plus two carbon and non-carbon copies). Forms with metal or tape fasteners along the edges are not supported. Multipart forms must have glued edges. For difficult to feed forms, a pull tractor option is recommended.


    Card stock is not supported.

    Automatic sheet feed:

    • 1 bin capacity: 100 sheets of 20-pound paper
    • Paper width: 5.5 to 8.5 inches (139.7 to 215.9 mm)
    • Paper length: 5.875 to 14 inches (149 to 355.6 mm)
    • Paper weight: 16- to 24-pound paper

    Automatic sheet feed applications requiring 16 pound paper should be tested first to ensure acceptable operation.

    Pull Tractor:

    • Copies: Original plus two carbon and non-carbon copies
    • Thickness: 0.012 inches (0.305mm) maximum

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 10 to 40.6C (50 to 105F)
  • Relative Humidity: 8 to 80 percent


  • Paper Specifications:

    • Maximum paper thickness is 0.012 inches (0.305mm).
    • Maximum print-line width is 8.0 inches (203mm).
    • Continuous forms:
      • Both edges of the pinfeed forms must have pinfeed holes.
      • Maximum pin-to-pin width for continuous forms is 9 inches (228.6mm).
    • Single-Sheet Operation:

      • Maximum paper width is 11.0 inches (279mm)
      • Single-sheet feeding is by manual front insertion, unless the sheet-feed option is used.
      • With the sheet-feed option installed, forms less than 4 inches (102mm) long which are fed through the front slot must be removed manually.
  • Continuous forms must be removed when the sheet-feed option is used.
  • The automatic sheet-feed feature available on the 4201 and 4207 printer is not supported on the IBM Proprinter 24P.
  • When the pull tractor option is installed, there is no document on demand capability.
  • The printer is not intended for attachment through external modems.
  • Multipart forms must have glued edges.
  • The printer has no serial attachment capability.

Hardware Requirements

IBM Proprinter 24P has parallel attachment capability; serial is not provided.

Software Requirements

  • IBM DOS Version 4.0 and 3.3
  • IBM OS/2 Standard Edition and Extended Edition Version 1.3 support the IBM Proprinter 24P using the IBM 42XX Driver with the IBM 4207 Proprinter X24E selection as the printer type under printer properties.
  • AIX

    • IBM AIX Version 3 for RISC System/6000 supports the IBM Proprinter 24P as a parallel attached IBM 4207-002 Proprinter X24E.
    • IBM AIX Version 3 "nroff" function supports the IBM Proprinter 24P as a PPDS printer.
    • The Xstation 120 supports the IBM Proprinter 24P as a parallel attached IBM 4207-002 printer.
    • IBM AIX PS/2 1.2 supports the IBM Proprinter 24P as a parallel attached 4207-002 printer.
  • IBM OS/2 Extended Edition Version 1.2 or 1.3
  • IBM OS/2 Standard Edition and Extended Edition Version 1.2 support the IBM Proprinter 24P using the IBM 4207 Proprinter X24E selection as the printer type under printer properties.
  • IBM PCLP (PC Local Area Network) Version 1.33 for DOS Version 4.0 and 3.3


The following publications are shipped with the product. Additional copies are available immediately.

  • SA40-0533 Getting Started with Proprinter 24P - English (P/N 1047293)
  • SA40-0534 User's Reference for Proprinter 24P - English (P/N 1047294)
  • SA40-0535 Operator's Reference (P/N 1047295)
Note: Only the Ship Pack publications appear in the Sales Manual. For a current list of publications, refer to the appropriate publications option on your respective HONE system, or contact your IBM representative.

Features -- Specify/Special/Exchange

Special Feature Codes -- Chargeable

#2927, P/N 119803 - Automatic Sheet Feed

#4960, P/N 1196925 - Pull Tractor Option


#5612, P/N 1525612 - PC Parallel Cable


Printer Ribbon - P/N 1040475




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