I-O 4440 Series Bar Code Interface


I-O 4440 BarCode Interface

The I-O 4440 BarCode Interface is the ideal twinax/coax connectivity solution for bar code label and other specialty printers. Due to its unique support of proprietary label printer languages, the I-O 4440 is extremely easy to set up and offers unsurpassed communication with the attached printer. The I-O 4440 BarCode Interface offers the following exciting features:
  • Standard connectors allow the attachment of virtually any parallel or serial bar code label printer to an IBM AS/400, S/3X, or 3270-type mainframe host, or to a controller.
  • Interface settings are pre-configured for use with bar code label printers making installation a snap.
  • Support of proprietary label printer languages permits user-friendly customization, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.
  • Compact design turns any attached printer into a seamless, stand-alone twinax/coax printer.
  • Programmable EBCDIC/ASCII translation tables ensure compatibility with any existing application.
  • Reliable IBM printer emulations and I-O quality guarantee lasting, hassle-free operation in even the most demanding printing environments.
The I-O 4440 has an extremely low power requirement (about 1/2 watt). This not only saves on power costs, but allows the I-O 4440 to draw it's power from pin 18 of the parallel port, or pin #14 of the serial port, if the printer supports this option. This means there is no need to find an additional power plug, or decide where to put the power supply.