4465TX (New)

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

Twinax IPDS Printer Interface for PCL 5e Compatible Laser Printers

The I-O 4465TX turns virtually any PCL 5e compatible laser or ink jet printer into an economical, feature-rich IPDS AS/400 printer. It attaches to the printer's parallel port and provides a twinax connection to the IBM AS/400 system. The 4465TX is conveniently configured through on-board DIP switches and Host/PC download commands.

The 4465TX can be operated in IBM 4028 or 3812/16 emulation mode and supports all IPDS towers including Presentation Text, IO Image, IM Image, Graphics, Bar Codes, Page Segments, Overlays, Loaded Fonts, and Device Control.

Equipped with an additional parallel input port, the 4465TX allows the attached printer to be shared automatically between the IBM AS/400 and a PC or LAN, thus doubling the capacity of the printer.

In addition, five LEDs on top of the 4465TX aid in troubleshooting and provide quick problem resolution and diagnostics.

Technical Specifications

IPDS Twinax Emulations
IBM 4028 AS1
IBM 3812-2
IBM 3816-1D/S

Supported IPDS Towers
Presentation Text
IO Image
IM Image
Bar Codes
Page Segments
Loaded Fonts
Device Control

System Attachment
IBM AS/400 Work Station Controller
IBM 5x94 Remote Control Unit
I-O 8x94 Remote Control Unit
Other Compatible Remote Control Units

System Requirements
OS/400 Release 2.2 or higher

Printers Supported
Any PCL 5e printer

Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 7 1/2 x 5 1/2x 1 1/4
(19cm x 14cm x 3cm)
Power: 100-250V (IEC)
Power Supply Included

1 IEEE 1284 Centronics parallel (Output)
1 IEEE 1284 Centronics parallel (Input, sharing port)
1 Twinax to Host

Print Speed
Printer, print job, and environment dependent

Full IPDS SupportTake advantage of all the IPDS towers for full-function printing
True Print CompleteNo more wondering when a print job is complete
Duplex SupportPrint on both sides of the page for more efficient printing (for duplex printers)
Page Offset FunctionsProvides more flexibility in page positioning. No need to modify host applications
Check PrintingFull MICR printing support
Custom Font Mapping FunctionsAccess any font through a standard IBM FGID
Supports over 100 IPDS Fonts Through Font MappingProvides you more fonts to choose from than other IPDS interfaces
High Performance 32-bit IBM PowerPC processorAllows printers to be driven at their rated speed
4MB RAM Standard
(Upgradeable to 20MB)
Provides more standard RAM than typical IPDS interfaces and is field upgradeable to 20MB
Onboard FLASH MemoryAllows for field upgrades of interface code. Always support the latest new features from I-O
Custom Printer Tray MappingAccess any printer input or output tray for increased printing flexibility
Multiple Paper Size SelectionPrint on letter, legal, 11 x 17, A3 and A4 sized paper.