Godex RT863i Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer



600 dpi superior printing quality on desktop printer

The most comprehensive compact 600 dpi desktop printer.  The RT863i is a perfect companion to deliver fine quality printing at a superb value.

  • Modern clam-shell design makes it simple to load labels
  • 3.2" color LCD panel designed for ease of use
  • Ethernet, USB, Serial, and Parallel Ports Standard for easy integration.
  • Innovative button makes label Calibration simple and fast.
  • EZPL, GEPL and GZPL language and auto switch support.
  • Free GoLabel label design software.
  • Drop-in label roll holder for easy media installation.
  • Micro print at 600 dpi resolution
  • Available for 300m ribbon in 1" core.
RT863i 4" 600 dpi, Thermal Transfer Printer, Color Display, 3 ips, USB (H/D), RS232, Ethernet
021-86i003-000" 4" 600 dpi Print Head for RT863i/RT860i PCBA
021-86i001-001 Main board for RT863i (Serial# after CW178V200700001)$215.00
021-86i001-000 Main board for RT863i (Serial# up to CW178V200700000)
021-R70004-000 Platen Roller for RT863i/RT860i
031-Z2i017-001 Bluetooth Module RT700i Series (Not for RT700iW)
031-Z2i017-001 (Not for RT700iW) (New)

031-R70002-001 Guillotine Cutter for RT863i/RT860i Bluetooth
031-863002-000 Module RT863i
031-863003-000 WiFi module for RT863i
031-863001-000 Real Time Clock
031-863001-000 DT4xW Real Time Clock
031-863001-000 (New)

031-G50003-001 External Label Unwind Stand 2"-4", Black
031-12P015-001 Black External Label Unwind Stand 2"-4", White
011-T10051-000 T10 External Label Rewinder
011-T10051-000 T10 External Label Rewinder
011-T10051-000 T10 (New)

021-R70008-000 RT Series Printing Mechanism Hook Assembly
021-70i005-000 RT863i/RT860i Power Adapter
CC2000-6PK Cleaning Pens (6 pens)
700-008300-021 Ribbon Spindle for RT860i only (1 spindle, for 0.5" core)
700-026000-011 Ribbon Spindle for RT863i only (1 spindle, for 1" core)
700-026000-011 Ribbon Spindle (1 spindle for 1-inch core)
700-026000-011 700-026000-021 (New)