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IBM Infoprint 4871-001 M22 MFP



4871-001 75p4070 M22 MFP Scanner with card and cables
Fully refurbished with 1-year warranty
4871-001 56P1768

4871-001 75P4070 IBM M22 MFP Scanner
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
4871-001 (No Attachment card)

53p9736 Scanner Shelf
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

53p9736 Scanner Shelf
53p9736 (New)

53P7953 Scanner Cabinet
53p7953 (New)

53P9739 MFP Adjustable Stand II
53p9739 (New)

4871-001 M22 MFP 75p4070

The IBM 4871 M22 is a Multifunction Printer (MFP) Option for IBM's successful Infoprint 1000 family of workgroup printers and multifunction solutions. This option adds scan, copy, fax, and e-mail capability and is customer-installable with your current Infoprint 1332, 1352, and 1372 workgroup printers.

The IBM 4781 M22 MPF Option Model 001 is a multifunction printer option with up to 15 Images-Per-Minute (IPM)(1) monochrome and up to 14 IPM color simplex scanning for Infoprint 1332, 1352, and 1372 printers, 25-sheet simplex Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), multiple destination support such as workstation, FTP, and e-mail attachment support, resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi, file format support including TIFF, JPG, PDF and Poscript level 2, scanner password protect, operator panel lock, scan once print many, reduction and enlargement capabilities, duplex output capability, 33.6 Kbps fax modem, and language support.

Note: (1) Exact scan speed varies depending on the document attributes, system configuration, and user selected settings.

Multifunction Printer (MFP) Options for the popular Infoprint 1000 family of workgroup printers offer performance enhancements. These MFP Options will complement the Infoprint 1000 workgroup printers and include the capability to:

  • Scan once and print many
  • Perform electronic routing
  • Scan to workstation and ftp
  • Fax and e-mail scanned documents
  • Use a walk-up fax or fax from workstation

These multifunction options offer additional capability for the Infoprint 1000 family of workgroup printers.

M22 MFP Option

This option provides multifunction capability for the Infoprint 1332, 1352, and 1372 printers. The printer must have the following:

  • One available network slot
  • At least 32 MB of memory -- Additional memory or hard drive features can increase performance or capabilities for copy, fax, scan, or print functions depending on the number of pages, page complexity, and operations selected (for example; collate or high resolution scan).
  • Network access to SMTP e-mail gateway server for e-mail function -- Network access must be done via the included 10/100BaseTX Ethernet network print server card.
  • An active analog telephone line or network access to a fax server is required for the fax function.
  • A customer-provided table, MFP shelf feature, or MFP furniture feature may be required. Furniture may restrict or preclude some input or output options due to physical limitations.

The scanner/ADF unit and a MarkNet N2601e 10/100BaseTX Ethernet network print server card are included in the M22 MFP Option. The print server also contains an integrated fax modem and IEEE 1394 connection for scanner communications.

The print server installs in the printer and uses one expansion slot. This print server offers the same Ethernet connection support as the printer's 10/100BaseTX Ethernet print server card (Refer to Printer Sales Manual for connection support.) The print server's resident Web page allows a browser to remotely view and manage the MFP Option.

The M22 does not support the decryption option available on the printers.

MFP capabilities include:

A 15 IPM monochrome at 75 dpi text, 14 IPM color at 75 dpi mixed (letter/A4 size media) flatbed scanner with up to 25-sheet simplex Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and operator panel

Scan function includes:

  • Multiple destination support such as workstation, FTP, e-mail attachment, and Web site
  • Resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • File format support includes TIFF, JPG, PDF, and PostScript level 2
  • Scanner password protect and operator panel lock

Copy function includes:

  • Scan once print many and duplex output
  • Reduction/Enlargement from 50% to 200%

The M22 includes a 33.6 Kbps fax modem. Fax functions includes:

  • Send and receive fax
  • Group fax
  • Send fax from workstation
  • Fax confirmation sheet

Usage Rate

The maximum monthly usage is 2,000 scans.

Monochrome Color Scanning Fax/e-mail Maximum Monthly
Model Scanning Scanning Mode Scanning Usage Rate
----- ---------- -------- -------- ---------- ---------------
001 15 IPM(1) 14 IPM Simplex Yes 2000 Scans

Note: (1) IPM = Impressions-per-minute.

Scanner Specifications

  • Scanner Type is Flatbed Scanner with a simplex Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Scan Method is Charged-Coupled Device (CCD)
  • Light Source is Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL)
  • Printer/INA Interface is IEEE 1394

Flatbed Scanner

  • Optical Resolution is 600 x 600 dpi maximum
  • Scan Area is Max. A4/Letter


Optical Resolution is Max. 600 x 600 dpi

Document Capacity 25 Sheets (75 gsm) bond

Media Weight 16 - 32 lb (60 - 120 gsm) bond

Scan Speed:

  • 15 IPM at 75 dpi text monochrome
  • 14 IPM at 75 dpi mixed color

Scan Area is Max. 8.5" x 14.0" (Legal size)

Paper Input is Face Up

M22 MFP Performance

The following chart shows the M22 copy performance installed with an Infoprint 1332.

Flatbed Scanning
Mode (TTFC)
--------- ----------------
Text Mode 10.0 sec.

Note: TTFC = Time To First Copy.

Software Compatibility

FAX Serve

The M22 MFP Option is compatible with the following Fax Server software:

  • Captaris: RightFax Enterprise Server v7.0, v8.0, and v8.5
  • OmTool: Fax Sr. Enterprise
  • Biscom: FAXCOM
  • Equisys: Zetafax
  • Physical Specifications

Width Depth Height Weight
--------- --------- --------- ----------
Scanner 498 mm 365 mm 275 mm 5.3 kg
Unit (19.6 in) (14.4 in) (10.8 in) (11.8 lb)

Recommended Clearances

Left Right Front Back Top
------ ------- ------- ------- -------
Scanner 51 mm 51 mm 508 mm 305 mm 305 mm
Unit (2 in) (2 in) (20 in) (12 in) (12 in)

Operating Environment



  • Temperature: 15.6C to 32.2C (60F to 90F)
  • Relative Humidity: 20% to 80%
  • Altitude: 0 to 2,500 meters (8,200 feet)


  • Temperature: -40.0C to 60.0C (-40F to 140F)
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%
  • Altitude: 0 to 2,500 meters (8,200 feet)

Electrical Specifications

100 - 240 V ac at 50/60 Hz full range

Power Consumption & Thermal Output

Maximum Current While Scanning:

  • 110 Volts: 0.6 A rms
  • 220 Volts: 0.4 A rms


All measurements were made in accordance with ISO 7779 and reported in conformance with ISO 9296.

Declared A-weighted Sound Power Level WAD (1 Bel = 10dB)


  • Idle: 4.8 Bels
  • Printing: 6.6 Bels
  • Copying: 7.0 Bels
  • Fax/Scan: 6.8 Bels

Note: Measurement with M22 installed on Infoprint 1332 printer.

  • 4540 53P9736 T Scanner Shelf
  • 4546 53P7953 Scanner Stand with Cabinet
  • 4555 53P9739 MFP Adjustable Stand II

M22 Features

All features are both factory and field installable.

The following MFP furniture can be used with the MFP Options:
(#4540) T Scanner Shelf
Minimum required = 0
Maximum allowed = 1
Prerequisite = None
Co-requisite = None
Conflict = Output Expander (FC 4620), High-Capacity Output Stacker (FC 4630), 5-Bin Mailbox (FC 4640), StapleSmart Finisher (FC 4621)

This feature can be used with the Infoprint 1332, 1352, and 1372.

(#4546) Scanner Stand with Cabinet
Minimum required = 0 br>Maximum allowed = 1
Prerequisite = None
Co-requisite = None

This feature can be used with the Infoprint 1332, 1352, and 1372.

(#4555) MFP Adjustable Stand II
Minimum required = 0
Maximum allowed = 1
Prerequisite = None
Co-requisite = None
Conflict = Only one of the following is allowed: Output Expander (FC 4620), or High-Capacity Output Stacker (FC 4630), or 5-Bin Mailbox (FC 4640) or StapleSmart Finisher (FC 4621)
Conflict = more than one 500-Sheet Drawers (FC 4506)

This feature can be used with the Infoprint 1332, 1352, and 1372 printers.

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