Winterm 5355SE

  Thin Clients 

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Winterm 5355SE

The new easy to manage, high-performance modular terminal for all your applications intranets, UNIX, mainframe, and Windows NT operating systems.

Wyse Winterm 5000 series network terminals are the cost-effective and manageable alternative to both character terminals and PCs for users of corporate intranets and host-based applications. Wyse network terminals plug directly into your intranet, and also display UNIX, mainframe, and Windows NT-based applications.

The Winterm 5355SE is a compact, modular terminal for users with existing monitors, specific monitor requirements, or limited desktop space. They are easy to set up, can be centrally administered, and are perfect for such demanding work areas as reservation desks, retail POS, and the corporate desktop.

The Winterm 5355SE network terminal is the best choice for UNIX and mainframe users adding or migrating to corporate intranet applications. It adds a local browser to a terminal that supports both X and TN3270e protocols, as well as the Tarantella application broker from SCO in contrast with Windows-based terminals which require a Windows NT server to access intranets.

Wyse network terminals are plug-and-play replacements for ASCII/ANSI and Ethernet-based IBM terminals, offering a clear, non-disruptive, desktop strategy for IT infrastructure migrations.

Wyse network terminals combine the ease of management and security of a terminal with the flexibility of a desktop PC to display all your applications simultaneously.

Winterm 5000 series network terminals are the best choice for providing more functionality to your existing character terminal users and saving administrative costs by using thin clients instead of PCs.

  • >Modular design connects to any VESA-standard 9- through 21-inch monitor
  • >Wyse Navigator browser
  • >ASCII/ANSI and IBM terminal display protocols
  • >Tarantella application broker from SCO
  • >X Window display protocol provides access to graphical UNIX applications
  • >SCO Merge and Citrix ICA provide access to Windows NT applications
  • >POP3 email client
  • >Multi-windowing, multisession user interface allows simultaneous access to multiple host application servers
  • >Multiple connectivity options, including 10/100BaseT Ethernet, PPP, SLIP, and C/SLIP
  • >Standard network management protocols
  • >Complete remote terminal shadowing across all display protocols
  • >Convection cooled, no moving parts
  • >Modular form factor works with new or existing standard monitors
  • >Direct access to corporate intranet applications via the browser
  • >Increase user productivity by providing access to all your applications from a single terminal
  • >Worldwide inter-personal network communications via email client
  • >Dramatically decreases administrative costs and upgrade requirements
  • >Provide administrators the inherent stability and predictability of centralized server and desktop terminal management
  • >Supports help desk and user training
  • >Long life desktop client