Axis 5570e IPDS - PCL Print Server


AXIS 5570e IPDS and TCP/IP Print Server
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
5570e 0193-004

AXIS 5570e IPDS and TCP/IP Print Server
5570e 0193-004 (New)

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

Print from IBM host systems via any port to any printer*

Axis' Host-to-LAN print servers includes all the extensive functionality of the professional print server family plus the ability to use virtually any printer with your IBM Mainframe or AS/400 system--without loading it with heavy conversion jobs.

Convert IBM print data streams:
  • IPDS to PostScript or PLC
  • SCS to PCL or for matrix printers
  • Adds support for IBM protocols: SNA, TN3270E and TN5250E
  • 10baseT/100baseTX Ethernet
  • Multiport print server for efficient printer sharing
  • Print to 2 parallel and 1 serial printers simultaneously
  • Available in two versions: 'TCP/IP' for SCS conversion and 'IPDS SNA' adding IPDS conversion and SNA support

Print from IBM host systems via any port to any printer

The AXIS 5570e, a host-to-LAN print server, enables organizations with IBM Mainframe (zSeries) or IBM AS/400 (iSeries) to print to any printer* or digital copier, including those with USB ports.

The AXIS 5570e, with built-in IBM protocol converters, is equipped with one USB and one parallel port, which enable printing to two printers simultaneously. The AXIS 5570e is the first multi-session USB print server for the IBM environment.

The AXIS 5570e provides support for all popular protocols and operating systems such as Windows, NetWare, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux, in addition to IBM host system printing over TCP/IP and SNA networks. The same printer can therefore be used for print jobs coming from the IBM host as well as Windows and other operating systems.

The AXIS 5570e features an improved installation wizard for IBM printing, increased remote management security using TLS/SSL (HTTPS) and enhanced print management in AXIS ThinWizard 3.00.

The AXIS 5570e provides a flexible, reliable and cost- effective network printing solution for IBM host environments. There is no need for application changes, host-based conversion software or intermediate servers. The AXIS 5570e helps free the host system's resources for more critical tasks, thereby improving the overall throughput of the IBM system.


  • Future-proof pocket print server supporting both parallel and USB printers
  • Easy installation: installation wizard for IBM printing, AXIS AddPrinter for Windows, support for Bonjour in MacOS environments
  • Enhanced configuration and control: support for HTTPS and SNMPv3, AXIS ThinWizard management software
  • Multilingual support: User's Guide and internal Web pages available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and and Japanese
  • Multiprotocol support: Use the same printer for print jobs from the IBM host as for print jobs from Windows, NetWare, MacOS, Linux and Unix.

The AXIS 5570e is the successor to the successful AXIS 5470e, which is installed in tens of thousands of units worldwide. This model supports all the AXIS 5470e features and many more.

AXIS 5570e TCP/IP US 0193-004 (IPDS and TCP/IP)
AXIS 5570e IPDS SNA US 0193-004 (IPDS and TCP/IP)

Q&A for the AXIS 5570e and AXIS 5670e

Q: What are the benefits of a host-to-LAN print server?
A: The host-to-LAN printers from Axis are developed according to the concept of distributed data conversion that delivers great scalability and helps free host system resources for more critical tasks, thus utilizing the IBM system more effectively and improving overall system throughput. You get the same functionality as from traditional IBM printers connected over coax or twinax, including features such as error recovery, exception notification, job control and end-of-job notification. There are no additional license fees.

Q: How do I install the print server in an IBM environment?
A: With the built-in installation wizard for IBM sessions, the installation is easily and quickly done (Autoconfig).

Q: Which printers does the print server support?
A: All common matrix printers, label printers, laser printers and digital copiers from major printer manufacturers, including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, IBM, Kyocera, Lexmark, Minolta, NEC, OKI, TEC and Xerox.
Note: See Q/A on What conversions are supported?

Q: Which operating systems does the print server support
A: In addition to the IBM Mainframe and IBM AS/400 support, AXIS 5570e and AXIS 5670e are multi-OS print servers with support for Windows, NetWare, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux.

Q: Are there different versions of these print servers (as for its predecessor)?
A: Yes, both AXIS 5570e and AXIS 5670e are available in two different versions. The TCP/IP versions have support for TN3270E, TN5250e and SCS. The IPDS SNA versions have the same support plus support for IPDS, SNA, PPR/PPD and support for finishing options of digital copiers.

Q: What conversions are supported?
A: In print server version 'TCP/IP' (see Q/A above)
SCS -> Matrix
SCS -> PCL4 and 5
In print server version 'IPDS SNA' (see Q/A above)
SCS -> Matrix
SCS -> PCL4 and 5
IPDS -> PostScript
IPDS -> PCL 3, 4 and 5

Q: Does the AXIS 5570e and AXIS 5670e have the same functionalities as a Twinax/Coax printer?
A: Yes, it will have the same functionalities as the emulated printer.

Q: Will the AS/400 display all OS/400 messages?
A: Yes, the QSYSOPR message queue will display messages such as "Load Form Type xx".

Q: Will my printer report all printer errors to the AS/400?
A: Yes, the AXIS 5570e and AXIS 5670e report printer error messages such as "Paper End". If the print job ends before the printing is completed, it is possible to continue printing from a selected page.

Q: Do I need to modify my applications?
A: No, the AXIS 5570e and AXIS 5670e react as an IBM Twinax/Coax printer.

Q: I had a printer connected on a Protocol Converter and my applications are using special features like pass-through. Will the print server support these kinds of special modes?
A: Yes, the AXIS 5570e or AXIS 5670e uses pass-through modes and has similar features as a Protocol Converter.

Q: Does the print server support USB 2.0 printers?
A: Yes, printers following the USB 2.0 specification are backwards compatible with AXIS 5570e. This has been verified for common USB 2.0 printers.

Q: How fast is the USB communication?
A: The AXIS 5570e print server communicates according to the USB 1.1 standard, i.e. 12 Mbps.

Q: Can a USB and a parallel printer be connected at the same time?
A: Yes, AXIS 5570e is a dual-port print server that allows printing to both a USB printer and a parallel printer simultaneously.

Q: Can a parallel and a serial printer be connected at the same time?
A: Yes, AXIS 5670e is a multi-port print server that allows printing to two parallel printers and one serial printer simultaneously.

Q: Which printer drivers do I need to be able to print?
A: From the IBM Mainframe (zSeries) or IBM AS/400 (iSeries), no drivers are needed as the conversion is performed in the print server. From other environments, you only need standard drivers from the printer manufacturer.

Q: Are any tools needed to administrate the print server?
A: To install, configure and manage a single print server, there is a built-in Web-based administration interface. Several print servers can be installed, configured and managed simultaneously with AXIS ThinWizard (included).

Q: Are job statistics available?
A: Yes, job statistics and network statistics can be found on the print server Web pages and in AXIS ThinWizard.

Q: What type of security is used in the print server?
A: The print server administration pages are password protected. In addition to this, it is possible to increase the security with SSL/TLS for HTTPS security. The HTTPS standard is commonly used to secure communication over the Internet such as Internet banking and corporate intranets.

Q: Where can I buy this print server?
A: Axis Communications works with local resellers and system integrators worldwide.