I-O 8200 LaserCard


8200I-O 8200 LaserCard

The I-O 8200 Internal Printer Interface Card allows HP LaserJet II, IID, III, IIID, and OTC LaserMatrix 1000 Printers to be attached to an IBM AS/400 or System/3X host.

The I-O 8200 offers IBM printer emulations including 3812-1 (non-IPDS) and 5219. When installed into a compatible HP Laser Printer, it offers Computer Output Reduction (COR) and Automatic Page Orientation (APO) using IBM 3812 emulation. The I-O 8200 also features Auto DP Mode for data processing reports.

The I-O Command Pass-Thru feature allows complete access to all user- programmable printer features. The printer's "Optional I/O" slot facilitates easy installation at the rear of the printer. IBM compatible printing, PLUS additional features provide significant cost savings over traditional twinax printing.

Host Systems:IBM AS/400 and System/3X
Interface:IBM high-speed twinax to HP LaserJet internal bus
Power:Supplied by the printer
Environment:Temperature:+40 to 115 F (+5 to 45 C)
Relative humidity: 20% to 80%
Optimum: 70 +/- 15 F (24 +/- 8 C)

IBM Features:
Attaches to AS/400 and System/3X
Supports AS/400 OfficeVision
Supports DisplayWrite/36 and Text Management/38
Supports IBM 5219 Emulation for Multiple Font Changes
IBM 3812-1 (non-IPDS) Computer Output Reduction (COR) and Auto Page Orientation (APO)
Supports 15 Languages
Auto DP ModeTM for Data Processing Reports

IBM CompatibilityThe I-O 8200 offers complete IBM compatibility for 3812-1(SCS)) and 5219 printer emulations.
Easy InstallationInstalls easily into the printer's "Optional I/O" slot.
HP LaserJet SupportThe I-O 8200 attaches HP LaserJet II, IID, III, IIID, and OTC LaserMatrix 1000 printers to any IBM twinax host for cost-effective laser printing.
Supports most HP font cartridgesSupports HP font cartridges ProCollection, Global Text, Polished Worksheets, Persuasive Presentations, TextEquations, Forms Etc., Bar Codes & More, MicroSoft, WordPerfect, Pretty Faces and older cartridges A, B, D, E, F, G H, L, M, N, Q, R, U, and W, X, Z.
I-O Command Pass-ThruAllows access to all user-programmable printer functions.
I-O Font Change Commands Allows quick and easy font changes for hosts that do not allow multiple font changes in a line, paragraph or document (such as System/38).
Complete On-Board DiagnosticsSelf test and EBCDIC hex printouts provide quick problem resolution, troubleshooting and configuration review.