I-O 8226 For 4226


I-O 8226

I-O 8226

I-O 8226 Twinax adapter for 4226 printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

The I-O 8226 Internal Twinax Printer Interface provides attachment of an IBM 4226 model printer to an IBM AS/400 or System/3X host.

The I-O 8226 offers a wide range of IBM printer emulations including 4214, 5224, 5225 and 5256 for AS/400 and System/36, and /38 hosts. IBM 5224, 5225, or 5256 emulation is offered when attached to a System/34 host.

Installation and setup are simple through on-board DIP switches, Host/PC download, or display station setup. The I-O Command Pass-Thru feature allows complete access to all user-programmable printer features.

The I-O 8226 offers tremendous printing flexibility with its intelligent Host/PC printer sharing port, full graphics support for APF and BGU printing, and compatibility with host word processing applications. Optional on-site service is available though IBM.

IBM compatible printing, PLUS additional features provide significant cost savings over traditional twinax printing.

Host Systems:
IBM AS/400 and System/3X
IBM high-speed twinax to Centronics parallel
Supplied by the printer
Temperature: +40 to 110 F (+5 to 42C)
Relative humidity: 20% to 85%
Optimum: 70 +/- 15 F (24 +/- 8 C)

IBM Features:
Attaches to AS/400 or System/3X
IBM 4214, 5224, 5225 and 5256 Printer Emulations for AS/400, System/36 and System/38 hosts
IBM 5224, 5225, and 5256 Printer Emulations for a System/34 Host
IBM PPDS Data Stream and Code Page 850
Supports OfficeVision/400, DisplayWrite/36, and TextManagement/38
Optional IBM On-Site Service Available

IBM CompatibilityComplete IBM compatibility for 4214, 5224, 5225 and 5256 printer emulations.
Easy Setup and InstallationSetup and feature options are selectable through on-board DIP switches, Host/PC download, or display station setup.
Host Download CommandsCommand streams can be embedded within a document or program.
IBM Printer SupportDirect attachment to an IBM 4226 model printer.
I-O Command Pass-ThruAllows user access to all programmable printer functions.
Intelligent Host/PC Printer SharingAttach a PC and a Host to the same printer. Automatically monitors both input lines for data and selects the next incoming stream without user intervention.
Custom User StringsAllow the user to assign commonly used printer commands to simple identifiers which can be sent to the printer prior to printing a document.
Sophisticated DiagnosticsSelf test and EBCDIC hex printouts for quick problem resolution.