IBM 8361-110 Network Station 300 91H0550


8362 A53

IBM Network Station 1000 8361-110

8361-110 Network Station
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

Model name 91H0550
Description ETHERNET 8361/110 16MB 1MB
Form factor Thin Client
Orientations allowed Vertical
Bus type/architecture PowerPC 32 bit to ISA
PCMCIA support 1 Type II
Slots x bays total (free) 1(1) x 0(0)
Expansion bus type PCMCIA
Processor (CPU) PowerPC 403GCX
Processor internal clock speed1 66 MHz
Planar clock speed -- MHz
SMP processors std 1
SMP processors max 1
Upgradable processor No
Processor manufacturer IBM
Math co-processor --
Processor upgrade options --
SMP capable (multiple processors) No
Multi-processor bus (slots/speed) -- MB/s
L2 cache std 0KB
L2 cache max 0KB
L2 external CPU cache type --
BIOS type -
Memory (RAM) std 16 MB
Memory (RAM) max3 64 MB
RAM speed 60ns
Optional RAM configuration 72-pin SIMMs
RAM type Non-parity fast page
RAM slots total 2
RAM slots available 1
Hard disk
Hard disk size2 0 GB
Hard disk controller --
Additional storage features --
Hard disk type --
Graphics subsystem
Graphics type VGA/SVGA/SXGA
Graphics chipset --
Graphics data width --
Video RAM type VRAM
Video RAM std 1 MB
Video RAM max 2 MB
Max resolution (with std video RAM) 1024x768 256 colors
Max resolution (with max video RAM) 1600x1280 256 colors
Max colors (with max video RAM) 16777216
Max colors (with std video RAM) 16777216
Graphics bus interface --
CD-ROM speed4 --
CD-ROM interface type --
CD-ROM transport type --
Multimedia features Speaker (integrated)
Audio data width 8
External speakers --
Fax/modem --
Fax/modem speeds5 -- KBps
Operating system provided --
Preloaded applications --
Productivity Applications Lotus Notes supported via web browser/Domino server
Standard features
Pointing device type Mouse (2 button)
Standard diskette size -- MB
Optional diskette size -- MB
Keyboard type standard Standard 102 key (rubber dome)
Power management
Power supply 7
Power supply type Inline brick
Sound emissions 45 dB
Power management features8 EPA Energy Star compliant
Weight7 1.8 lbs
Height 7.5 inches
Width 1.25 inches
Depth 10.5 inches
Expansion options
Slots total (free) and type 1(1) PCMCIA Type II
3.5 inch bays - accessible (free) and height 0(0)
3.5 inch bays - not accessible (free) and height 0(0)
5.25 inch bays - accessible (free) and height 0(0)
5.25 inch bays - not accessible (free) and height 0(0)
Plug and Play support --
Parallel ports (type) 1
Serial ports (type) 1
Expansion ports Display, Keyboard, Mouse
Monitor Included No