Error: "903 Engine"

A 902 Service Engine Software error indicates a failure in the engine board software.

  • Try turning the printer off and leaving it off for a few seconds. If the error does not return on power up, it may have simply been an isolated incident. Continue using the printer, but keep an eye on it for the next week or two.

    If the 902 error does return, please go through the checklist below.
    • Try reformatting the engine code on the engine board. You will need to download the appropriate file from the Lexmark FTP site and you will also need a direct parallel connection from the printer to a DOS-based computer. (You can also try copying the file over to the printer using FTP through a network connection, but a direct parallel connection is recommended whenever possible as it seems to be more reliable.) Note: You should try to get the printer to a Ready state when you are about to send the engine code file over, but you can attempt to send the file even if the printer is still posting the 902 Service Engine Software error.

To update the engine code:

    1. Go to and enter the appropriate authorization code for your printer model as follows:
      • Optra S (4059) series printers: 4059engn
      • Optra T610, Optra T612, Optra T614, Optra T616 printers: optrateng
      • Lexmark T520, Lexmark T522, Lexmark T620, and Lexmark T622 printers: lextengn
      • Lexmark T630, Lexmark T632, Lexmark T634 printers: eng550428
    2. We recommend saving the file within a directory on your computer's hard drive. Once it has been saved, go ahead and run the file (which is a set of self-extracting ZIP files). Running this file will create a set of .PJL files and a file entitled Readme.1st. The Readme.1st file contains directions for sending the file over through a parallel connection.
    3. To reinstall the engine code on the printer using a TCP/IP, network, or FTP connection:
      1. Go to Start, Programs, MSDos Prompt.
      2. Change to the directory that contains the engine code file.
      3. Type ftp and then press ENTER twice. For example: ftp 123.456.78.900
      4. Type bin and press ENTER.
      5. Type put and press ENTER. The printer should now read Upgrading Engine Code.
    • If reinstalling the engine code on the printer does not fix the problem, you can perform an NVRAM on the printer. Please do this as a last resort before requesting service as resetting the NVRAM on the printer will cause a return of all customer-controlled settings to the factory defaults. To perform an NVRAM reset:
      1. Turn off the printer.
      2. With the printer still off, press and hold these three buttons: the Select button, the Go button, and the right arrow (>Menu button. (All three of these buttons are located on the printer's LCD screen.)
      3. Power on the printer while holding these three buttons down. Continue holding these buttons until you see Performing Self Test, Clearing NVRAM, or Restoring Factory Defaults on the printer LCD screen. You can then release the buttons.

If the error does not return on power up, continue using the printer, but keep an eye on it for the next week or two. If the 902 error does not come back, the printer should be fine. If the 902 error does return, the engine/system board will most likely need to be replaced

If you are a technician working on the printer and you replaced the engine/system board, do the following:

  • Confirm that the correct board model was installed. Installing the wrong engine board into the printer will cause it to fail with a 902 error code.
  • Also check for correct location of the jumpers on the interconnect board for the printer model/type you are servicing. Incorrect jumper settings can cause a 902 service error. If the jumpers are set correctly, replace the engine/system board.