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IBM Network Stations


Network Station Series 1000IBM Network Stations
8361-100 IBM Network Station Model 100
8361-110 IBM Network Station Ethernet Series 300 Model 110
8361-200 IBM Network Station Model 200
8361-210 IBM Network Station Token-Ring Series 300 Model 210
8361-341 IBM Network Station for Twinax Model 341

8362-A22 IBM Network Station Series 1000 Model A22
8362-A23 IBM Network Station Series 1000 Model A23
8362-A52 IBM Network Station Series 1000 Model A52
8362-A53 IBM Network Station Series 1000 Model A53

8364-EUS IBM Network Station 2800 Ethernet
8364-TUS IBM Network Station 2800 Token Ring

All IBM Network Station products are designed to provide:

  • Access to business applications
  • Access to the Internet and your corporate intranet
  • Access to Java-based applications
  • Lower-cost desktop computing
  • Improved security and management
  • Increased productivity
  • Leveraging of server and network resources
  • Non-proprietary, standards-based computing

  • Family traits:
    Simultaneous access to:
  • Windows applications via multiuser implementations of Windows NT (e.g., WinCenter from Network Computing Devices, Inc.) S/390, AS/400, RS/6000 and UNIX systems, applications and data; Internet and intranet applications and data
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Web browser
  • IBM Network Station Manager administration and management facilities
  • Textbook-size logic unit, keyboard, mouse, audio support, serial and parallel ports, PCMCIA (PC card) support, and Ethernet or Token-Ring network interface
  • Support for industry-standard color graphics display monitors including IBM's G42, G52 and G72 color monitors.

    In addition, all IBM Network Stations are easy to manage, use, and install. Network Station Manager enables a single systems administrator to set up and configure all NCs in your enterprise. Network computers provide reduced cost of ownership for businesses that rely on network computing, according to a report.

    The real cost and time savings are to be judged over the long run, as support, installation, and upgrade costs are all but eliminated.