The LEGACY PRINTER CONTROLLER provides Ethernet connectivity for 5250 Twinax or 3270 Coax system printers and allows those printers to function as industry standard printers and print network data from other than AS/400 and mainframe sources.

The LAN Legacy Printer Controller (LPC) protects your investment in reliable legacy system printers when migrating to TCP/IP Ethernet. It allows IBM twinax or coax IPDS, SCS, or SCS/DSC printers to be connected to an Ethernet network.

Once connected through a LAN LPC, an IBM IPDS twinax or IPDS coax system printer can be addressed via TCP/IP from an IBM AS/400 or 3270-type mainframe. The attached printer can be a laser, dot-matrix or line printer. The LAN LPC will reliably communicate the IPDS data received over the TCP/IP Ethernet link to the attached twinax or coax cable.

With a LAN LPC, an SCS twinax or SCS/ DSC coax system printer becomes available to virtually any host on the Ethernet network. This includes AS/400, 3270 type mainframe, Unix, Windows 2000 and NT, and Novell host systems, as well as Windows 95/98 PCs. All host systems can simultaneously communicate with the LAN LPC attached system printer.

Line and matrix printers configured via AnyNet or SNA on an AS/400 offer page range printing support and posting of the FORM ALIGNMENT message. The latter is a particularly valuable feature when printing on preprinted stationary such as checks and invoices. With LAN LPC Windows-based utility program, the initial setup and configuration is a painless and straight forward task.

Once an IP address has been assigned, administrators can easily configure even remote LAN LPC print servers directly from their desktop.


  • INVESTMENT PROTECTION: Reliable and expensive legacy printers are given a new lease on life by connecting over Ethernet to their host SCS data stream support
  • ONE-MODEL SOLUTION: The LAN LPC supports both twinax and coax hosts and printers (SCS, SCS/DSC or IPDS)
  • AUTO-CONFIGURATION: SNA and AnyNet protocols allow the AS/400 to automatically recognize twinax attached SCS printers
  • ASCII TO SCS: SCS twinax or SCS/DSC coax printers can now serve as LAN printers
  • CONFIGURATION UTILITY: Simple LAN LPC configuration from a PC on a local or remote network
  • 10/100 BASE-T AUTO-SENSING: Automatic adaption to your network speed requirements.
  • FLASH MEMORY: Convenient field-upgrades to take advantage of the latest enhancements
  • ANYNET AND SNA SUPPORT: Page Range Printing and form alignment messages for line and matrix printers
  • SIMULTANEOUS, MULTI-PROTOCOL PRINTING: Universal access to SCS and SCS/DSC system printers optimizes your printer investment
  • IBM AS/400 System
  • IBM 3270-type Mainframes
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Novell
  • All 5250 Twinax Printers (IPDS, SCS, ASCII)
  • All 3270 Coax Printers (IPDS, SCS/DSC, ASCII)
  • RJ-45 Cat 5 for Ethernet
  • BNC for 3270 Coax printers
  • DB-9 for 5250 Twinax printers (DB-9 to Twinax barrel auto-terminating "T" connector included)
  • Parallel diagnostic port
  • 110 to 240 volt auto-ranging power supply provides 5 volt DC 2.5 amp (shield grounded)
  • Temperature: +40? to 100? F (5? to 42? C)
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing
  • 8 7/16 x 5 9/16 x 1 3/8 inches (21.5 x 14.1 x 3.5 cm)
  • 14.3 ounces (405 grams)
  • FCC A, CE A (EN 55024:1998)
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