Agile LC/5435


The LAN CONNECT (LC) 5435 and 5435e series print servers enable the printing of AFP/IPDS data over an Ethernet LAN to a PCL 5e laser printer and eliminate the need for IPDS capable printers.

There are two models of the LC/5435 available: the LC/5435 is for AS/400 applications, and the LC/5435e for IBM Mainframe applications. Both models function as standard Ethernet print servers for Windows, Novell, OS/2 and Unix operating systems in addition to being an AFP/IPDS-to-LAN print server for IBM AS/400 and Main-frame (S/390) systems.

Both models also support IBM SCS printing from the applicable IBM host. The industry standard TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, and SNA protocols are supported in order to provide printer connectivity to virtually any host or client.

The LC/5435 AFP/IPDS print servers allow a single PCL 5e laser printer to appear to the host computer as two separate types of printer (IPDS and SCS) at the same time.

Both of the AFP/IPDS and SCS data streams are converted to PCL, allowing the use of a standard PCL 5e printer in place of either an IBM 3270 or 5250 compatible printer.

Multi-host capabilities allow up to ten IBM hosts to send SCS printing to a single printer.

The set up and configuration utility makes initial set up, administration, and updates a painless and simple task.


  • The LC/5435/5435e directly converts the data stream protocol and print command sets to eliminate unnecessary and inefficient IBM Host or PC overhead. This can also increase effective print speed.
  • True Print Complete reporting when a print job is complete.
  • The duplex printing support feature allows duplex printers to print on both sides of the page for more efficient printing.
  • The page offset functions allow more flexibility in page positioning without need to modify host applications.
  • Over 100 IPDS fonts to choose from. More than other IPDS interfaces, including IBM 4312/17 emulation fonts.
  • On-board FLASH memory allows for simple field upgrades to provide the latest features.
  • Simultaneous, multi-protocol printing maximizes printer utilization by supporting printing from a variety of hosts, servers and clients.
  • The software management utility provides simple configuration from a local or remote network workstation.
  • High-speed parallel port for maximum print speed even when processing complete AFP/IPDS jobs.
FOR AS/400 (LC/5435)
  • Protocols: TCP/IP (PPR/PPD, TN5250e, LPR/LPD); SNA (APPC); AnyNet (SNA over TCP/IP)
  • IPDS emulations: IBM 4028 AS1; 3812-2 (includes 4312/17 font support), 3816-1D/S
  • SCS Emulations: IBM 3812-1
  • IPDS Towers: Supports all towers
  • AS/400 System Required: OS/400 Release 3.1 or higher
  • Protocols: TCP/IP (PPR/PPD, LPR/LPD) IPDS Emulations: IBM 4028 AS1; 3812-2; 4312/17 font support; 3816-1D/S
  • System Requirements for OS/390 or MVS: PSF/MVS Version 2.2.0 with APR OW15599; MVS Scheduler with APRA 0212236; TCP/IP Version 3 Release 1 or higher
  • IPDS Towers: Supports all towers
FOR LAN SYSTEMS (both LC/5435 and LC/5435e)
  • Protocols: TCP/IP (LPR/LPD); IPX/SPX; NetBIOS; Windows 95/98 Peer-to-Peer
  • Supported LAN Hosts: Novell (NDS, bindery, PServer, RPrinter); Windows 2000/98/95/NT, Windows for Workgroups; OS/2 Warp; OS/2; UNIX General (both LC/5435 and LC/5435e)
  • Ethernet Connection: 10BaseT, 100BaseT (auto sensing)
MISCELANEOUS (both LC/5435 and LC/5435e)
  • Printers Supported: Any PCL 5e printer
  • Printer Ports: One IEEE 1284 bi-directional Centronics parallel port
  • Buffer Size: 16MB
  • Power Supply: 110 to 240 volt auto-ranging power supply provides 5 volt DC 2.5 amperes
  • Configuration: Software administration utility requires a Windows 95 or higher system
  • Environment: +40? to 100? F (5? to 42? C) temperature; 10% to 90%, non-condensing relative humidity
  • Size: 8 7/16x5 9/16x1 3/8 inches (21.5x14.1x3.5 cm)
  • Weight: 14.3 ounces (405 grams)
    FCC A, CE A (EN 55024:1998)
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