Apex LCI

Unique printer interface product:

  • Connect a PSF host directly to Legacy Channel Interfaced AFP/IPDS printers over TCP/IP.
  • Connect Channel 3211 emulation printers over TCP/IP.
  • Inexpensive alternative to Barr Systems and InfoPrint Manager
  • Dispatch products utilize IBM specifications for PSF/AFP over TCP/IP
  • PSF TCP/IP connectivity for Channel AFP/IPDS printers (Ethernet-Token Ring).
  • Intel based TCP/IP alternative for PSF Direct without the use of a PS/2, Microchannel, OS/2 platform.
  • PSF TCP/IP host directly controls printing: No emulation, spooling or intermediate processing is necessary.
  • Printers dynamically shared by multiple PSF TCP/IP hosts. Includes AS400 systems.
  • Eliminates the need for older SNA solutions.
  • Replaces expensive Channel Extenders.
  • Simple user installation: Enter IP and Channel Addresses then begin printing.
  • Discounted on-site spare program.
The Dispatch/PSF Product allows 3825, 3827, 3828, 3829, 3835, and 3900-001 printers to be directly attached to a TCP/IP network and be driven by PSF. This direct attachment is accomplished without the use of PSF for AIX or PSF/2. Ethernet & Token Ring are supported.

Provides PSF attachment for Legacy AFP/IPDS Channel printers over TCP/IP. Any PSF host may communicate with these network attached Legacy printers.

Accepts output generated by diverse print sources and converts and transmits those print sources over user or public TCP/IP networks.