Axis 5550 USB And Parallel Print Server


AXIS 5550

High performance print servers that make your daily work easier

Share USB and parallel printers* over any network with the AXIS 5550 Network Print Server.

Including multiprotocol support, superior print management tools and multilingual interface, the AXIS 5550 makes printing easy for everyone.

Print from almost any application and control all printers from one single workstation. AXIS 5550 also integrates smoothly into existing SNMP management environments.

Benefit from good value today, protect your investment with free firmware upgrades over the Web following Axis' innovative product development.


  • Future-proof print server supporting both parallel and USB printers
  • Easy installation: AXIS AddPrinter for Windows and Bonjour support in MacOS environments
  • Enhanced configuration and control: support for HTTPS and SNMPv3, AXIS ThinWizard management software
  • Multilingual support: User's Guide and internal Web pages available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and and Japanese
  • Multiprotocol support: TCP/IP, Novell NetWare, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, Apple EtherTalk.
  • Supported Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux, NewWare, MacOS.

* Host-based printers such as GDI, CAPT and PPA are not supported.

AXIS 5500 and AXIS 5550 Q&As

Q: Is the user interface and user documentation available in different languages?
Yes. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Q: Which printers does the print server support?
All common printer models from all major printer manufacturers, including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, IBM, Kyocera, Lexmark, Minolta, NEC, OKI, TEC and Xerox

Q: Which protocols does the print server support?
AXIS 5500 and AXIS 5550 are multi-protocol print servers and supports all common protocols.

Q: Which operating systems does the print server support?
AXIS 5500 and AXIS 5550 are multi operating system print servers and supports all common operating systems.

Q: Does the print server support USB 2.0 printers?
Yes, printers following the USB 2.0 specification are backwards compatible with the AXIS 5500, AXIS 5550 and AXIS OfficeBasic USB. This has been verified for common USB 2.0 printers.

Q: How fast is the USB communication?
The print server communicates according to the USB 1.1 standard, i.e. 12Mbps.

Q: What length of USB cable can be used?
Up to 5m.

Q: Is a USB cable included?
Yes, since many printers are supplied without a cable.

Q: Can a USB and a parallel printer be connected at the same time?
Yes the AXIS 5550 is a dual port print server and both a USB and a parallel printer can be connected simultaneously.

Q: Which printer drivers do I need to be able to print over USB?

A:Standard drivers from the printer manufacturer.

Q: Can I manage my USB print server in the same way as my parallel print server?

Q: Are job statistics available?
Yes, statistics can be found in the print server web pages and in AXIS ThinWizard.

A:To increase the security of the print server

Q: Is HTTPS a standardized solution?
A:Yes. It is commonly used to secure communication over the internet such as internet banking and corporate intranets.

Q: Which browsers are supported?
Netscape 4.7x and above. MS IE 4.x and above. Mozilla 1.1 and above.

Q: Where is the certificate stored?
In the print server.

Q: What type of certificate can be used for HTTPS?
Self-signed certificates generated in the print server or imported certificates signed by a Certificate Authority (CA).

Q: What key length applies for the certificates?
128 bits.

Q: How do I attach the mounting clip?
Use the adhesive tape on the clip and attach it to the center mark of the label. Select a suitable position and attach the second part of the clip with the adhesive tape on the clip, or use a screw. Extra mounting clips can be ordered as accessories (Accessory number 20119)

Q: Where can I buy this print server?
Axis Communications works with local resellers and system integrators worldwide. On the Axis Web site you can find a dealer near you.